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How To Make Fake Blood

Come on, what's a great Halloween outfit without some great fake blood? We've all seen endless horror films filled with blood spraying in all directions, but when you're not on a picture shoot, how can you make great looking, cheap fake blood for your own use at Halloween parties? Here are some strategies on making practical looking fake blood that's safe for use by all ages. Just be warned- fake blood can stain!

The fake blood recipe here is excellent for using as a part of a Halloween costume or make-up effect, but due to its viscous and sloppy nature, great care must be brought to ensure that everything in the house doesn't get covered in fake blood! Before you make any fake blood, first you have to set up a well-covered work space on a level surface. Lay down some old newspaper or similar covering to make sure you catch any splashes while making your gore.

The most simple method of going about making fake blood for Halloween outfits is by combining corn syrup along with red food colouring. When gently mixed together, putting in more of the colouring as you go along, this makes for a particularly believable fake blood without a great amount of fuss. Add in a bit of black food colouring, or even blue, to add an extra hue of fact to the batch of fake blood you are creating.

A somewhat more sophisticated version of this particular fake blood recipe is to put in a thickener, eg a quantity of flour or a similar safe substance. Keep stirring until the required consistency is achieved. Beware, this may cause some blobs to be made, but these lumps are simply taken out.

A higher level of fake blood and gore can be achieved by including wadded up kitchen paper towels or toilet roll to the mix. Simply add a couple, and while you mix the softened paper matter into your fake blood mixture, it will then make all manner of gory looking globs and lengths of nastiness that are sure to look wonderful as part of your Halloween outfit. Just remember when making your fake blood- keep safe and clean, and ensure that you take relevant steps to keep your home clean and tidy while you make your fake blood and gore for the ultimate in Halloween horror!

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 How To Make Fake Blood
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