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Halloween Party Ideas Perfect for Adults

Halloween is a great time to cut loose and have some fun. It is the one night a year where it is totally acceptable to take on a different identity. Adults everywhere are hiring babysitters and taking the house back from the kids by throwing adult themed Halloween parties. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a theme that will not only shock yourself but your friends too. Decide on a theme that is sexy, scary, naughty or nice and you won't be able to help but have a very happy Halloween.

Here are a few Adult Halloween party themes to get you started. Let your mind run wild and come up with many more that would absolutely shock your friends. Can?t decide on sexy, scary, naughty or nice? Let your guests decide. Throw many themes out there and be surprised at what walks in your door.

Playboy Bunny Party

? Have all of the women dress as playboy bunnies. Award prizes for the sexiest bunny, funniest bunny, prettiest bunny etc.
? Men dress in robes, pajamas and slippers of course. Award prizes for the sleaziest, oldest, youngest Hugh Heffner look-a-likes.

Super Heroes/Villains

? Have guests dress in their favorite super hero or villain costumes. It will be surprising to see who is an actual villain and who thinks they are heroes.


? Vampires come in all shapes and forms. Have your guests show up in their interpretation of what a vampire or vampiress looks like.

The Oscars

? Have guests dress as famous actors or actresses. Dead or alive, after all this is Halloween.

Famous Couples

? For actual couples have your guests decide who they come as.

? For singles you can assign guests half of a couple and they will meet their other half when they come to the party. This is great if you are match maker and have lots of single friends.


? Have your guests dress in zombie costumes. Not sure what a zombie looks like; host a movie night and watch some zombie movies to get in the mood and design your costume.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

? Guests can come as CSI Agents, dead bodies, suspects, coroners, body bags, wrap themselves in police tape, the imagination really is the limit on this one.

Haunted House

? Guests come as anything spooky and ghostly. If your friends are not too willing to step outside of the box this theme may be a good one for them.


? Guests come dressed as any part of a funeral. Look for corpses, funeral directors, grieving family members, lawyers still needing to read the will, sexy widow or widower, coffins and of course spoiled children who are just looking for their inheritance.

You know your guests the best. Pick a theme that is out of the box for you and your friends but still one that will be enjoyed. Have an awesome adult Halloween party this year; a party that will be talked about for years to come. Trick or Treat!!

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 Halloween Party Ideas Perfect for Adults
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Halloween Party Food Ideas Gross

Hosting the perfect Halloween party can be very time consuming and expensive. Serving these top 5 fast and simple gross out Halloween party treats will not only save you time and money but when served properly will double as decorations.

Your Halloween party will be the talk of the neighborhood if you have the guts to serve these 5 simple to make gross out Halloween treats. Don?t let the disgusting look or texture of these dishes fool you because they taste scrumptious. Creep out your Halloween party guests by digging in and eating each and every goolingly delicious Halloween treat.

A huge part of these gross out Halloween treats is all in the presentation and labeling. Let these spooktacular treat ideas be a starting point of freaking out your Halloween party guests.


Make your favorite guacamole recipe. Add chunky salsa. Leave out any anti-browning agents including lemon or lime. You will be proud serving up this vomit. It looks rather sickening to place a carved pumpkin on a serving tray with the vomit trailing out of the pumpkins mouth into a heaping mess on the tray for your party guests to dip into. A quick vomit label completes this disgusting mess.


Buy a mixture of green, black and even purple grapes. Carefully peel each grape and feel the squishy eyeball texture. You will be squirming before the peeling is complete. Label a bowl of peeled grapes as zombie eyeballs and the ick factor is turned on. It is fun to serve the grapes in a Halloween themed bowl. A bowl with a motion sensor grabbing hand works awesome. Sit back and listen for the screams.

3. Intestines (guts)

Boil long spaghetti noodles as normal. Drain noodles and mix with enough olive oil or vegetable oil to make them slimy. Finally add chunky salsa and mix well. Pasta should be served warm. Absolutely engage your imagination on serving these slimy intestines. A fun way to serve intestines is the scarecrow method. Take a button up shirt and stuff the arms and around the neck (tissue or newspaper works well as stuffing). Place a serving bowl in the stomach area and place the shirt up around the bowl so that it looks as if you are serving out of the stomach. Stuff the rest of the shirt as needed. Place a doll?s head above the shoulders or go the headless route. Either way, many guests may get a queasy stomach while eating these intestines.

4.Dried Scabs

Buy dried cherries or dried cranberries - A mixture of both work best. Place these dried fruits in a Halloween theme serving bowl. The dark red colors and crunchy white soft texture really play with your guests mind. Be sure to label them clearly as scabs. You could even add to the gross factor by asking all guests to place any peeling or infected scabs in the collection dish. Eeeewwww!

5.Zits Filled with Puss

Take a pomegranate and remove the kernels into a bowl. Place the pomegranate kernels into a Halloween theme serving dish. The juicy red kernel with the white tip at the end definitely look like a zit just waiting to be popped once they are labeled. You can get very creative on how you serve up your zits. One party host glued the zits onto the face of a doll and sat it by the serving dish to make the visual more real. Who knew acne could taste so yummy and be healthy for you too.

Take these five fast and simple gross out Halloween party treats and make them your own. Come up with ways of serving them that will absolutely make your party unforgettable and the talk of the neighborhood for Halloweens to come. Trick or Treat!!

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 Halloween Party Food Ideas Gross
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