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Halloween Decorations Ideas to Fit Your Taste

Many people celebrate fall Harvest. We have rounded up some great fall harvest decorating ideas that will work inside or outside your home. Take a look at these and adapt them to fit your decorating style.

Many of these items can be found around your house, local farmers markets and craft stores:

Straw Bales

Straw bales can be used as extra seating or a great place for a colorful arrangement of gourds and pumpkins. Many people use straw bales on their front porches as a back drop for decorations. Nothing says hello to fall like a seated scarecrow on a bale of straw.


Scarecrows are fun and easy to make. Stuff a pair of jeans and an old shirt with straw. Add a straw stuffed pillow case for a head and top it off with a hat.


To finish off your scarecrow attach a crow to his shoulder. Crows are also fun to place around on a fence or your mailbox.

Pumpkins and Gourds and Sunflowers

A pumpkin and gourd lined stairway is a great way to celebrate the fall harvest. Add an old milk can or tin bucket full of sunflowers as a nice touch of color.
Gourds make great table decorations and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Smaller ones can be used as place cards and the larger ones as center pieces and candle holders.

Corn stalks and Indian Corn

Corn stalks look great as front porch decoration and also can be used inside to add height where needed. Indian corn also comes in a variety of colors. You cannot go wrong placing Indian Corn in a basket. Rubbing a little oil on the dried Indian corn enhances the already beautiful color.


A garland of leaves or flowers or a combo of both brighten any room. They can be laid down the center of a table with gourds and apples intertwined ? Or they can be swaged over doorways and on stairway banisters. Cinnamon sticks can be added for that great fall harvest scent.


Lanterns are a nice harvest accent. They add warmth to any room and make a center piece come alive.

Pillows and Quilts

The added chill in the air makes it easy to add beautiful pillows and quilts to your home. Bring pops of bright color and material with fun textures through harvest themed pillows and quilts. Sunflowers, pumpkins and crows are popular this year.

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks not only bring visual texture but have the added bonus of scent. Cinnamon sticks can be hot glued into garlands and wreaths. They also can be hot glued around candles, or candy dishes. They are a fun way to celebrate fall.

By adding your own style and flare to these great fall harvest decorating ideas your home will easily come to life. Remember to visit your local farmers markets and craft stores to make these ideas your own. With a little bit of time and effort your fall harvest decorations will be the talk of your neighborhood. Happy decorating.

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 Halloween Decorations Ideas to Fit Your Taste
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Halloween Decorating Ideas: Create New Family Memories

Autumn is in the air. At first we smell the crisp cool air and our eyes delight in the beautiful scenery as the leaves begin to change colors from green to red, yellow and shades of brown and orange. Then our minds begin to dream of school starting, football games, bonfires and of course Halloween. We remember our favorite costumes and parties over the years and begin to get excited for the Holiday to arrive again. Halloween is fun for everyone. What better way to start celebrating Halloween than to decorate your home and yard and begin creating new memories for you and your family.

Halloween is the second most celebrated commercial holiday preceded only by Christmas. There are thousands of ideas for you to choose from when picking a theme or decorations for your home both inside and out. We have listed 7 traditional symbols that remind people of Halloween. Try picking a symbol and use it every year, mixed along with other decorations, and soon your children or grandchildren will start to use it too. With these symbols either bought or homemade you cannot go wrong. These are keepers that your kids can find and use with their children to keep the tradition going.

Jack O Lanterns

What would Halloween be without Jack O Lanterns? Carve them or paint them and sit them everywhere. Pumpkins also come in white, yellow and green. You don?t have to stick with the original orange pumpkin.


Place a candle inside your Jack O Lanterns to show off your carvings. Candles also add mood and soft lighting inside. If you are using candles be careful not to have them around costumes or combustible materials.

Spider Webs and Spiders

No we don?t mean just stop dusting in June. Buy fake spider webs or use cotton batting from a craft store. Purchase fake spiders and place them around your house both inside and out.

Ghosts, Black Cats and Bats

These are Halloween standbys. These shapes can be used as fun and playful with smaller children or be made horrifying for older teen and adults. Let your imagination run wild with these shapes as they scream Happy Halloween.

Sound Effects

CD?s or digital downloads of scary sounds or songs can be purchased. These sound effects help set the mood either for a Halloween party indoors or for trick or theaters as the hesitantly walk to your front door.

Scarecrows and Cornstalks

Scarecrows are amazing. Let smaller children help create them and watch as they quickly become one of their new best friends. On the other hand your imagination is the limitation of how scary they can become for older teens and adults.


Tombstones can be made of cardboard or cut out of plywood. Placed in the yard with names or sayings drawn or painted on them they turn any yard into a Halloween graveyard. Spooky or fun depending on what you put on them. Customize your tombstones for a new surprise every Halloween.

All seven of these Halloween symbols can be adapted to be used with children of all ages and adults too. A huge part of the fun is to change your symbol accordingly as your family grows. Begin this year with picking a symbol that you want to represent you and your Halloween decorating. Make sure you get plenty of pictures for those great memories. Trick or Treat!

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 Halloween Decorating Ideas: Create New Family Memories
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