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Girls Halloween Games: Take Back Fright Night With Glamor

Girls everywhere are taking over Halloween this year. Halloween has long been feared by many girls as the night where their brothers or neighbors are allowed to terrify them with scary faces and costumes and get away with it. They are saying no more. No more are they going to dread Halloween and the horrible frights awaiting them. Girls are taking back their Halloween and doing it in glamorous style.

No matter what the ages of the girls 5 - 105 girls love glamour. And what says glamour more than a party. A Halloween party that is. A Halloween party is a great time to choose a theme that fits your guests and allow the glamour to begin. Glamour can be added to your Halloween party by decorating with glitter and sparkle. You can add to the glamour by serving foods and beverages out of fun colored or glittery bowls and cups. Many come in fun shapes such as glass slippers or crowns, even some shaped like diamond rings. Napkins can add a drop of glamour also.

Games can really add the finishing touches to your party. With the idea of your guests going away looking marvelous and glammed up we have perfected the following party games.

Costume Contest

Award prizes for costumes. On your Halloween party invitation state the theme of your party and what costume prizes will be awarded. Example; Theme: Movie Stars Prizes for: Best Live Star, Best Dead Star, Best Child Star, Best 40?s Star, Best 70?s Star, Best Silent Picture Star, Best Action Film Star

Prize: Movie Tickets

High Heel Race

Set up a course for girls to run. Have each guest complete the course and time them or have the guests form teams and race each other. This depends on how many guests you have and what works better with your party venue. You may need to bring some old heels for guests to use.

Prize: Basket with foot care items including foot lotion.

Glamorous Cupcakes

Provide frosting (great flavors such as peppermint or butterscotch are fun) and glamorous decorations for guests to have fun decorating a cupcake. Decorations can include edible sparkles, colored sugars, edible beads, etc. Many of these items can be found in a cake decorating store. Provide a paper doily for each guest to write their name on the edge and set their cupcake on it to be judged. Provide a fancy cupcake holder or plate to showcase the decorated cupcakes and allow guests to judge them.

Prize: Everyone eats their own cupcake

First Prize: Gift certificate for a bakery that makes glamorous cupcakes.

Finish up the night with gift baskets or bags for each guest. Continue with your theme and add candy rings, candy necklaces and candy bracelets. Matching hair clips glammed up with glitter or feathers make a fun memory of the party. If you are able, take a group picture and email it or print it out on your home printer to include in the bag. The point here is that girls take back Halloween and have fun with it. Halloween should be looked forward to by everyone even the glamorous girls who could not be scary looking if they tried. Have a glamorous Halloween girls!

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 Girls Halloween Games: Take Back Fright Night With Glamor
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