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A Family Bonding Experience With These Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween crafts do not have to be hard to have fun. In fact, most children and adults complete crafts together to spend time with each other and make some lasting memories. So stop stressing about the perfect craft and simply pick one of these relaxing easy Halloween crafts and start making some special Halloween memories with your family tonight.

Halloween Mobile

This simple Halloween mobile is great. You can decide to make one quick by having each person decorate one object for the mobile as a family project or you can decide to have each person make their own mobile. It is up to you on how much time is spent on this project. Most of these supplies you will have already at home.


Paper print outs of Halloween objects such as bats, ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, even just scary eyes
String or clear fishing line
Choose a way to color the objects such as crayons, print them on colored paper, paint, markers, etc. Glow in the dark materials make this a lot of fun.
Hole Punch


Color the Halloween objects before you cut them out. The glow in the dark paint or markers works well here for the eyes or a mouth.
Use the Scissors to carefully cut out the Halloween objects.
Using a hole punch, punch a hole on the top of the cut out.
Cut string for each cut out. Varying the length of the string for each cut out.
Thread the string through the punched hole and through the middle of the hanger. Tie a knot in the string so that the Halloween object will hang from the bottom of the hanger.

Repeat with each Halloween object until your Halloween Mobile is complete.

Batty Little Pumpkins

This craft is extremely easy and even the older children enjoyed making these little bats.


Assorted small pumpkins
Cut out printed pattern of bat wings
Black craft foam
Paint or markers for eyes and teeth. Glow in the dark works great for an added dimension of scary.
Glue gun


Paint each small pumpkin entirely black and let dry
Trace bat wings from paper pattern onto the black foam and cut out using scissors
Attach the bat wings to the pumpkin using the hot glue gun
Paint or draw on eyes and teeth

Once they are dry place the pumpkins around your house or even on your porch. If you used the glow in the dark paint you will have fun watching others be spooked by these little bats.

Fancy Pumpkins

Halloween is not all about being scary. Many homes are celebrating Halloween by taking Halloween icons and making them fancy. This new twist on Halloween is showing up huge this year with the decoration of pumpkins. With this easy does it craft throw away the knives and get out the glue, hot glue that is.


Pumpkins or gourds
Hot glue gun
Any embellishment that fits into your fancy Halloween theme.


Pick your pumpkin and paint it your background color. The three most popular colors that stand out this year are gold, black and purple.
Once the base color is completely dry start adding embellishments. Paint on some contrasting colors with dots, stripes or squiggles. Add some bling with glitter, beads or sequins. Go ahead and add feathers for fun. Some of the most exquisite pumpkins have been one base color with glitter running down the sides of the pumpkin. This craft is so easy and so much fun that crafters are replacing it with the traditional carving of pumpkins.

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 A Family Bonding Experience With These Easy Halloween Crafts
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Fun And Profit Crafts For Adults This Halloween

Halloween crafting is not just for kids. There are many beautiful Halloween crafts that have a difficulty level of easy to medium that look like you have taken special art classes to complete. Try these Adult Halloween craft ideas and see for yourself how much pleasure there is in crafting. These craft ideas look so good that many are giving them away as gifts or even making many and selling them at craft shows. Whatever you decide to do with yours it will surly brighten your Halloween this year.

Glass Spider Ornaments

This craft can take on many moods of Halloween. It can be elegant and fancy or spooky and devilish. The crafter decides if this little Halloween spider is nasty or nice.


Colored glass ball complete with top and loop

Four pipe cleaners



Glue - dries clear and sticks to glass




Cut the 4 pipecleaners in half.

String a bead onto the pipe cleaner and twist a knot in the end to keep the bead from falling off. This will create the spider?s foot. Repeat for a total of 8 legs.

Remove the top cover and loop from the top of the glass ornament.

Add glue to the inside top rim of the glass ball.

Bend the end of the pipe cleaner without the bead (about 1/2 inch) to fit inside the top rim of the glass ball. Glue the legs in place 4 on each side making the legs of the spider. Remember to leave space for the spider to have a front and face if desired.

Replace the top and loop to the top of the glass ball.

Add rhinestones to the front of the glass ball to design the front of the spider. A pattern of a few stones or a just a pair of eyes work well. This is where you get creative.

Cut a piece of ribbon and string it through the loop on top of the glass ornament.

Hang the ornament for decoration, give as a gift, or make more to sell at the craft show.

Pretty Pumpkin

Oh so pretty or scary or funny or gross you decide. This is another one of those crafts that takes on the personality of the crafter once they choose the design that goes on the pumpkin. Choose paper patterns with roses, leaves, ribbons, pumpkins, glitter, bright reds, oranges, textured papers to make pretty pumpkins. Choose paper patters with body parts, bugs, vampires, monsters, scary weapons or snakes if you are going for the scary or gross pumpkin. You can also show your humor with prints from cartoons, or funny pictures of Halloween.


Pumpkin shape: paper mache pumpkin
glass pumpkin
plastic pumpkin
Even a real pumpkin (although this will have a shelf life)

Decoupage glue

Paint brush or foam brush

Printed paper design or solid color to glue onto paper

Hot glue, staple gun

Decoration for the top of your pumpkin shape, example: glittered leaves, plastic skulls, ribbons, black cats from craft store floral department all work well


Using just your hands, tear the paper that you covering your pumpkin with into pieces. A variety of shapes and sizes looks best.

Apply glue to your pumpkin shape and lay pieces of torn paper over it. Go ahead and overlap the paper so that no part of the pumpkin is showing .

Once the pumpkin is completely covered with paper, coat the entire shape with at least one to two coats of decoupage glue. Follow the directions on the bottle for drying time and number of coats needed.

Once dry add the decoration on top and secure to the top of the pumpkin shape, by staple gun or hot glue.

Halloween Crackle

This craft will have others thinking that you found a long lost family heirloom. Or maybe where digging in your back yard or the graveyard when you came across such an old ruin. Only you will know the secret that you created it just a few days ago.


Wooden Halloween Object (found at craft stores)

Base Paint Color

Top paint color (the base color will show in places underneath this crackled top paint color)

Crackle finish

Paint brush


Paint the wooden Halloween object a base coat color and let dry.

Follow the directions on the crackle finish that you purchased.

Usually: Let the base coat of paint dry completely

Add a coat of the crackle finish and before it dries paint the top coat color on top of the crackle finish

Dry with a blow dryer or heat gun

The crackle should appear aged and fantastic

It is recommended to try this process on a scrap of wood before applying to your project. You may decide to change your colors or reverse the top and bottom colors.

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