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The Best Funny Halloween Costumes

Many people imagine Halloween to be scary ? and for the most part that is how it is celebrated. But why be just like everyone else this Halloween, stand out and be funny. There is a trend rapidly moving across America that is turning Halloween funny. The idea of turning into someone or something else for Halloween has not gone out the window just the idea that it needs to be scary. Halloween parties are often filled with children and young adults. Asking your guests to dress in non-scary costumes is a way that everyone, no matter what their age, will have a great time. There will be no worries of scaring the little ones (or maybe even some of the older ones ? you know who you are).

After much research we have found the following costumes to be a big hit among the non-scary categories this year.

Candy M and M?s

M and M?s have gone big this year. Especially with the talking M and M candy commercials that are such fun to watch. Each color has taken on a personality of their own. There are two distinct M and M costumes available. The first is a traditional M and M candy. It covers the entire body with your arms, legs and face poking out of the costume. The second is a tank dress for young women. This is modeled more after the sexy green M and M on the commercials -although it does come in red and yellow also.

Angry Birds

Of course these costumes are modeled after the popular video game Angry Birds. Just about everywhere you look you will see this popular costume. Whether you choose red or yellow you will be a hit with angry birds.

Gnomeo and Juliet

Gnomeo and Juliet made a splash this summer at the box office and those adorable garden gnomes are still hanging around. There are a variety of garden gnome costumes. This costume is fun because you can personalize it by adding your own colors, suspenders even fun gnome shaped hats. An entire family of gnomes is very funny.


If we mention the gnomes we have to mention the Smurfs. A close cousin to the Gnome is the Smurf costume. Of course this costume includes your body turning blue. Be safe and don't use anything toxic on your skin to turn blue here. Try blue face paint, blue pants or leggings and a blue long sleeved shirt and white gloves for your hands.

There are many more options for non-scary Halloween costumes. Look in your local stores or go on line to get ideas for your costume. Be creative and come up with a funny Halloween costume all on your own by re-watching some of your favorite movies and getting ideas from there. Some of the most fun characters might be from when you were a kid. How about a character from one of your favorite books or television show.

Remember this, the point about a non-scary Halloween is to have a great time and not worrying about you or your youngsters getting scared. If you have been invited to a non-scary Halloween party don?t show up in something scary ? after all, the host has a reason for stating non-scary on their invitation. You may be surprised how scary it gets for you if you show up and scare the other guests.

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 The Best Funny Halloween Costumes
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The Best Baby Halloween Costume Ideas For 2012

All baby costumes are awesome and one of the most over looked during Halloween especially if a family has older children and is focusing on their costumes. You can bring your little one along and have your older kids excited to show them off in these great popular baby Halloween costumes.

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkeys are very poplular this year - not only in prints and toys but also as Halloween costumes for babies. What a great way to make your little monkey fit right in for Halloween. These costumes have big monkey grins and are complete with a tail. The Sock Monkey is an absolutely great Halloween costume for baby boys or girls.

Baby Caterpillars

This theme seems to go along with the butterfly theme for young children this year. What a wonderful way to incorporate your costumes. Have the older child dress as a butterfly and the baby as a catepillar. These costumes are little brightly colored buntings to keep your baby warm. The buntings have ten caterpillar legs dangling from the sides and a pair of large caterpillar eyes that peek over the top of the hood. Zipper in the front adds to the ease of this baby Halloween costume.

Garden Gnomes

From the great block buster Gnome and Juliet this summer comes the garden gnome theme. This costume idea is wonderful and can be adapted to fit your Halloween theme this year. You can have a fancy formal Garden Gnome, a County Garden Gnome, a whimsical Garden Gnome or even a traditional Garden Gnome. Just as kids loved the movie this summer they will love their little siblings dressed as any variety of Garden Gnome.


Rock-a-bye baby in this elvis themed baby Halloween costume. Have the camera ready because this baby Halloween costume is going in the scrap book. As if the white jumpsuit with white cape attached (baby bunting style) and sporting a small stuffed guitar shaped rattle is not enought, the baby elvis wig is what makes this costume rock. These parents had a rockin good time showing off their little elvis.

Car Air Freshener

This is one of the Dad's favorites. Dress your baby is this fun litle bunting shaped like a pine tree air freshener and they will be warm and snug all night long. This favorite costume is easy just zip and go, there are no assessories needed. The zipper in the front also makes changing diapers a breeze.

Million Dollar Baby

This idea turns your baby into an accessory of your own Halloween Costume. Dress as a burglar in all black with a black stocking cap and gloves and tote your baby around as the money that you stole. This baby Halloween costume is made of polyster fleece and is light weight enough to keep on during an indoor Halloween party. This little jumper is designed to look like a bag of money complete with a cap to keep their heads warm. With this costume it is hard to tell if the burglar stole the money or if the money stole the burlars heart.

Have a great Halloween including your baby this year. Whether you choose the Sock Monkey, Garden Gnome, Elvis, Car Air Freshener or Million Dollar Baby your scrap book will be filled with memories. Happy Halloween.

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 The Best Baby Halloween Costume Ideas For 2012
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Finding The Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Don’t Get Caught Off Guard!

You finally received that perfect Halloween party invitation - the only problem is you were invited only hours before the party begins. You dont need to get stressed out. You can still be a hit at the Halloween party with these great last minute costume ideas. The great thing about these Halloween costumes is that they are right in your closet, kid?s toy box or around the house. Your favorite jeans, baseball cap, little black dress, kids toys ? even your office supplies can be turned into a great costume with a little bit of imagination.


Raid the closets for:

? Favorite Jeans
? Boots
? Hat
? Scarf

Raid the toy box for:

? rope
? toy gun/holster
? stick horse (if going for funny)


Raid the closets for:

? Bandana
? Boots
? Ragged bottom skirt (women)
? Baggy pants (men)
? Loose shirt
? vest
? Belt

Raid the toy box for:

? eye patch
? Stuffed Parrot
? Sword
? Hook for a hand
? Icky teeth


Raid the closet:

? Hawaiian shirt
? Shorts
? Hat (baseball cap/ straw hat/ visor
? Sunglasses
? Camera with strap to use around your neck
? Socks
? Sandals

Raid the toy box or around the house

? Carry around bags filled with gifts for the family (stuffed toys, cups, t-shirts)
? Maps
? Old Hotel Keycard


Raid the closet:

? Tight shirt buttoned up to your neck
? Baggy or tight pants pulled up way too high
? Bow tie
? Long white socks or long mismatched socks
? Ugly shoes
? Glasses
? Handkerchief

Raid the toy box or around the house:

? Pocket protector
? Pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, PDA
? Comb
? Hair gel, make hair greasy and combed over


Raid the closet:


? Little black dress
? Black Pumps
? Black Hose/fishnet stockings
? Hat, black veil is a nice touch
? Smeared mascara (from crying)


? Nice suit
? Tie
? Shoes
? Hair tossled

Raid the toy box or around the house:

? Picture of dearly departed
? Bible
? Tissues


Raid the closet:

? Dress in all black or all white
? Long sleeved shirt
? Long pants
? Hair net or hat (Chef?s hat if you have one)

Raid the toy box or around the house:

? Chef?s hat, pin it on with hair pins if it is too small
? Apron
? Kitchen towels out of pockets of apron
? Thermometer
? Big spoons

So don?t turn down that last minute invite to a great Halloween party because you don?t have a costume. Look around your closet (costume idea; fashion model), the garage (why not be a handy man or woman), shed (go as a gardener), bathroom (show a little crack and be a plumber) the costume possibilities are endless. You need more? Raid your teen?s closet and go as a teenager. Tape cotton balls to your bottom and add some ears from Easter and go as a bunny. Ladies, pull your hair back and into a bun, put on a dress, grab some books and go as a librarian. Grab a wine glass and a bottle of wine and go as a wine taster??and on and on and on. Whether you use one of these great ideas or come up with one of your own the point is to get to that Halloween party and have an awesome time. Happy Halloween.

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