How to Make Halloween Wigs

Making Halloween Wigs

moonbat How to Make Halloween WigsIt is just so easy to make your own Halloween wigs. All you will need are some quite simple items and your imagination to make any style of wig your want. Of course, you will want to theme it with the Halloween costume you are wearing, and the effect you want to achieve. But you can only be limited by your own ideas and creativity.

The basics for making your own wig are actually quite simple. You will need a baseball cap, knitted hat, pantyhose, or any other sort of hat that will cover your own hair.  Add to this some yarn in any color you choose for your particular wig, fabric glue, scissors, a small cup, and a beach ball or basket ball. You may also require a needle and thread for some of the wigs, if you need to sew the yarn to a knitted cap.

Once you have assembled your supplies, you can begin making your Halloween wigs. Take the cup and glue it to the base of the ball. Use this as a stand for your cap. You now have your head ready to work with. Place your cap on the ball and get ready for a lot of fun.

Cut the yarn into the lengths you want your wig hair to be. You can make short hair, or very long hair. The choice is totally up to you. Next, make a thin line of glue where you want the part to be. You can also make a circle of glue. For a split colored wig, make a line with the glue halfway around your head. Attach the yarn one piece at a time to the glue until the entire ball is covered as you would like it. If you are working on the top, you move the yarn to one side or the other as needed. You may just tie it up to get to the next layer. If using a knit cap you will need to sew the yarn to it instead of using the glue. It sews the same way. Now, you are almost done with the first of your Halloween wigs.

You then just need to let the glue dry and you will have your very own Halloween wig! After the glue dries, you can fix it into any style you like. You may want it to be straight and hanging down, put into ponytails, or just anyway that you would like to show off your own homemade wig. Please do not use your own head as a base for your Halloween wigs model. Be sure to always glue the yarn onto a fake model because any stray glue will be difficult to remove from your own hair!

 How to Make Halloween Wigs
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 How to Make Halloween Wigs
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That’s great. Maybe I can make one for my Joker costume.

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