Halloween Party Supplies

Now that the Halloween season is upon us, everyone dressing in their own funny Halloween costume ideas, it’s time to bring out those Halloween party supplies to make your haunted house come alive. With costumed little children rounding the corner, you want to make sure that your house stands out in their minds for years to come. Any one can put up some lights and a few fake spider webs, but you want that special quality, the one that the children see in the early evening light and think of scary stories. However, you don’t want to give them bad dreams.  With the older kids and adults coming around late at night, or your party guests arriving after nightfall, you want the chill and thrills of a true haunted house. So, you will need to find the balance between these.

You need to get your Halloween party supplies together to fit in with your special party theme and funny Halloween costumes. You need more than just the everyday ones. You want those special ones. The ones that show you put a lot of thought into your party and into the decorations of your haunted house. One thing you should have a lot of is dry ice. This is easy to get if you can contact a grocery store, or ice plant, a week or two in advance. Set up a time to pick it up, and get quite a lot of it. It melts fast at room temperature, and even faster in water. You want it to last a decent amount of time.

Another one of the traditional Halloween party supplies you should get ahead of time is fake webbing. This can be found at most stores that have Halloween decorations on display. They are reasonably cheap, and you need quite a lot to make it feel like an old abandoned house. You should also think about getting a fog machine and some fogger liquid, if you can't find any dry ice. Or get it along with the dry ice, and only put the dry ice in the punch bowl for added affect.

Food and treats should also be on your list of Halloween party supplies. Things like skinless grapes are always fun if you put them in a bowl with a cover and make your guests reach through this to get to them. This feels like reaching into a bowl of eyeballs. You can make what ever kind of punch you want. Color it with food coloring to make it green, and add some ice cream to give it a thicker consistency. Serve it as witches brew to your guests.

If you have a long list give yourself plenty of time to get it all set up and ready. You can also enlist the help of other members of the family and friends to make sure you don't end up doing all the work. Once your Halloween party supplies are set up the way you want it is sure your Halloween costume party all that more memorable.

 Halloween Party Supplies
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 Halloween Party Supplies
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