Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A Time

Lots of Halloween party hosts are agonizing with the idea of adding games to their adult Halloween party. Planning a Halloween party for adults can be tricky. There is a fine line between an adult Halloween party and a boring Halloween party. But as many hosts are figuring out that line is hard to see. There are many games for adults that are intellectual and have their place for a weekly game night but this party is no game night it is a Halloween party. Get rid of those boring adult games for the night and add a few of these game favorites for adults. The line between boring and fun will be clear as day and your party will definitely be on the fun side.

Great Pumpkin Weighs?

Have a large pumpkin serve double duty as a decoration and a game. As guests arrive at the party have them write down their guess of the pumpkins weight and their name. Collect the guesses in a Halloween themed box or bowl. The winner is the guest that is the closest to the pumpkins weight.

Pumpkin Golf

Carve a pumpkin with an extra large mouth. Give each guest three chances to putt a golf ball into the pumpkins mouth. Each ball that enters the pumpkin?s mouth earns the golfer a special piece of candy or treat.

Guess Who or What

This is a great ice breaker. Before the party make name tags with names of monsters or other Halloween related things. As guests arrive have them draw a name tag and place it on their back. The idea of this game is to get guests mingling. Each guest will ask others questions about who or what they are. Once a guest has figured out who or what they are they win a prize of a special drink or a treat.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This is an old one but with cell phone cameras we have added a new twist. Have guests divide into teams. Set the boundaries for where teams are allowed to go. Boundaries can be inside the party venue, around your block, the mall, a park, you decide. Give each team a copy of the same scavenger list that you created and copied before the party. If guests have a cell phone with capability of picture and video don?t just have them bring items back but get pictures and video of scenarios being played out - for example; a male guest trying on a pair of high heels and walking around in a store. Once guests return it is pure entertainment to look at pictures and watch the video to find a winner.

Pop the Balloon

Divide your guests into two groups. Have one team tie a balloon around their waist hanging as a tail or around their ankle depending on their costume. When you start playing fun/scary Halloween music the team without the balloons will try and pop the balloons on the other team using only their bodies and costumes. When the music stops count how many balloons are left and award those points to the team that wore the balloons. Now teams switch roles. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. You decide how many times to repeat by the interest of your guests.

Your Adult Halloween party will be a scream when you add these games. Try one or all five. Happy Halloween.

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 Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A Time
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