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The Truth About Dress Up Halloween Games

Having trouble getting guests to agree to come to your Halloween party dressed in a costume? Then you are not alone, many guests are replying back that they are willing to attend Halloween parties but will not be attending in a costume. This is disturbing news to a Halloween party host because hosts need the party guests but a guest attending the Halloween party without a costume tends to ruin the atmosphere that the host worked so hard to achieve. If you are suffering from the dilemma of whether to allow guests to attend your Halloween party out of costume we have come up with a solution for you that will not only have all your guests in a costume but allow your guests to overcome some of their fears.

Through much research we have found that most party guests that are not willing to come to a party pre-dressed in a costume will put a costume on at the party if given the chance. Many times guests are afraid that they will be the only one dressed in a costume or that others will laugh at them and the costume choice that they made. You, as the party host, can take that fear away by having costumes ready for those guests through games at your party. These games will take many of the guest?s fears away because everyone will be dressing up before their eyes and everyone will know that they did not choose the costume themselves. If other guests laugh it will not be their fault, it will be yours.

So let?s play! The idea here is to have pieces of costumes that each guest will wear. How far in depth you go with the costumes you provide will be up to you and your budget. Start early with introducing a piece of the costume at the door. Have each guest reach into a bag and pull out part of a costume. If the costume piece is too large or does not work to have in a grab bag then have each guest draw a number and give them the costume piece that was stored. This is a nice ice breaker and will get people into the mood of wearing a costume before your first game begins.

At this point it is time to mingle and play a few games. Keep the games simple and have everybody win a prize at the end. The prize is a second piece of the costume. It is a good idea to start with little pieces of costume that are easy to wear, such as jewelry or hats, crowns, etc. Play as many games as you need throughout the party to have guests in a complete costume before the party is finished.

It is also fun to have guests make part of their own costume as a craft at the party. For example, if you were having a royalty party, each guest could decorate a crown or a sash to wear. Crowns can be easily found at party stores made out of plastic or paper. Sashes can be made by cutting silky material into strips or using paper such as streamers or even paper bags. If you have the time you can always make the costume pieces especially for each guest even putting a name on the sash or a special nickname. The more personal you make the costume, the more fun it becomes for each guest.

As far as games to play keep them simple and child like. Pin the face on the pumpkin, Monster Freeze, musical chairs (with scary music). The idea here is to keep it simple and about getting the next piece of the costume not so much about the game. Once the costumes are complete take out the cameras and get a few shots. There are some that will be shocked they had so much fun dressing up.

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 The Truth About Dress Up Halloween Games
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Halloween Party Food Ideas Gross

Hosting the perfect Halloween party can be very time consuming and expensive. Serving these top 5 fast and simple gross out Halloween party treats will not only save you time and money but when served properly will double as decorations.

Your Halloween party will be the talk of the neighborhood if you have the guts to serve these 5 simple to make gross out Halloween treats. Don?t let the disgusting look or texture of these dishes fool you because they taste scrumptious. Creep out your Halloween party guests by digging in and eating each and every goolingly delicious Halloween treat.

A huge part of these gross out Halloween treats is all in the presentation and labeling. Let these spooktacular treat ideas be a starting point of freaking out your Halloween party guests.


Make your favorite guacamole recipe. Add chunky salsa. Leave out any anti-browning agents including lemon or lime. You will be proud serving up this vomit. It looks rather sickening to place a carved pumpkin on a serving tray with the vomit trailing out of the pumpkins mouth into a heaping mess on the tray for your party guests to dip into. A quick vomit label completes this disgusting mess.


Buy a mixture of green, black and even purple grapes. Carefully peel each grape and feel the squishy eyeball texture. You will be squirming before the peeling is complete. Label a bowl of peeled grapes as zombie eyeballs and the ick factor is turned on. It is fun to serve the grapes in a Halloween themed bowl. A bowl with a motion sensor grabbing hand works awesome. Sit back and listen for the screams.

3. Intestines (guts)

Boil long spaghetti noodles as normal. Drain noodles and mix with enough olive oil or vegetable oil to make them slimy. Finally add chunky salsa and mix well. Pasta should be served warm. Absolutely engage your imagination on serving these slimy intestines. A fun way to serve intestines is the scarecrow method. Take a button up shirt and stuff the arms and around the neck (tissue or newspaper works well as stuffing). Place a serving bowl in the stomach area and place the shirt up around the bowl so that it looks as if you are serving out of the stomach. Stuff the rest of the shirt as needed. Place a doll?s head above the shoulders or go the headless route. Either way, many guests may get a queasy stomach while eating these intestines.

4.Dried Scabs

Buy dried cherries or dried cranberries - A mixture of both work best. Place these dried fruits in a Halloween theme serving bowl. The dark red colors and crunchy white soft texture really play with your guests mind. Be sure to label them clearly as scabs. You could even add to the gross factor by asking all guests to place any peeling or infected scabs in the collection dish. Eeeewwww!

5.Zits Filled with Puss

Take a pomegranate and remove the kernels into a bowl. Place the pomegranate kernels into a Halloween theme serving dish. The juicy red kernel with the white tip at the end definitely look like a zit just waiting to be popped once they are labeled. You can get very creative on how you serve up your zits. One party host glued the zits onto the face of a doll and sat it by the serving dish to make the visual more real. Who knew acne could taste so yummy and be healthy for you too.

Take these five fast and simple gross out Halloween party treats and make them your own. Come up with ways of serving them that will absolutely make your party unforgettable and the talk of the neighborhood for Halloweens to come. Trick or Treat!!

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 Halloween Party Food Ideas Gross
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Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A Time

Lots of Halloween party hosts are agonizing with the idea of adding games to their adult Halloween party. Planning a Halloween party for adults can be tricky. There is a fine line between an adult Halloween party and a boring Halloween party. But as many hosts are figuring out that line is hard to see. There are many games for adults that are intellectual and have their place for a weekly game night but this party is no game night it is a Halloween party. Get rid of those boring adult games for the night and add a few of these game favorites for adults. The line between boring and fun will be clear as day and your party will definitely be on the fun side.

Great Pumpkin Weighs?

Have a large pumpkin serve double duty as a decoration and a game. As guests arrive at the party have them write down their guess of the pumpkins weight and their name. Collect the guesses in a Halloween themed box or bowl. The winner is the guest that is the closest to the pumpkins weight.

Pumpkin Golf

Carve a pumpkin with an extra large mouth. Give each guest three chances to putt a golf ball into the pumpkins mouth. Each ball that enters the pumpkin?s mouth earns the golfer a special piece of candy or treat.

Guess Who or What

This is a great ice breaker. Before the party make name tags with names of monsters or other Halloween related things. As guests arrive have them draw a name tag and place it on their back. The idea of this game is to get guests mingling. Each guest will ask others questions about who or what they are. Once a guest has figured out who or what they are they win a prize of a special drink or a treat.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This is an old one but with cell phone cameras we have added a new twist. Have guests divide into teams. Set the boundaries for where teams are allowed to go. Boundaries can be inside the party venue, around your block, the mall, a park, you decide. Give each team a copy of the same scavenger list that you created and copied before the party. If guests have a cell phone with capability of picture and video don?t just have them bring items back but get pictures and video of scenarios being played out - for example; a male guest trying on a pair of high heels and walking around in a store. Once guests return it is pure entertainment to look at pictures and watch the video to find a winner.

Pop the Balloon

Divide your guests into two groups. Have one team tie a balloon around their waist hanging as a tail or around their ankle depending on their costume. When you start playing fun/scary Halloween music the team without the balloons will try and pop the balloons on the other team using only their bodies and costumes. When the music stops count how many balloons are left and award those points to the team that wore the balloons. Now teams switch roles. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. You decide how many times to repeat by the interest of your guests.

Your Adult Halloween party will be a scream when you add these games. Try one or all five. Happy Halloween.

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 Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A Time
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Cheap Halloween Decorations Ideas

The price of Halloween decorating has become out of control. The cost of a single decoration can be the entire budget for some Halloween parties. Decorating for Halloween does not have to crack the pumpkin. Make use of our cheap Halloween decorating ideas and keep more of your hard earned money.

Halloween Door Decorations

Door Cover

What better way to set the Halloween mood than at the front door. An affordable option is a plastic or cloth door cover. These can be found at dollar stores and party stores. You could also cover the door with Halloween themed fabric or a Halloween table cloth.

Halloween Door Wreath

Use a wire coat hanger and pull it into a circle. Wrap the hanger with a string of old Christmas lights and decorate with cheap masks, corn husks, ribbons, Halloween candy or even plastic spiders ? any Halloween theme you choose will work for this.

Halloween Swag Over the Door

A simple way to add Halloween to your door is to hang a sway of leaves, wrapped candy, plastic bugs, little skeletons, etc. above your door. You could even add lights to your sway.

Table Top Decorations

Halloween Tree

Hallow out a pumpkin and fill with potting soil or marbles. Cut a branch from a tree and stand it up in the pumpkin. Paint the branch black and add small Halloween themed decorations. These can be homemade or store bought. Best part, this Halloween tree needs no water.

Quick Halloween Vase

Use a store bought plastic trick-or-treat pail such as a skeleton head, pumpkin or black cat and add a mum or Halloween bouquet to the center. This makes a great centerpiece for any table.

Sweet Treat Vase

Place your brightly colored Halloween candy into a clear, clean vase. Add flower picks shaped in Halloween designs to add some height and dimension. This decoration does double duty as it can then be given out as treats on Halloween night.

Hanging Decorations

Don?t neglect the ceiling. Add fake spider webs and spiders to your corners. Hang spiders from your lights and even to your curtain rods. If you don?t like spiders than add cute ghosts or pumpkins to the upper areas of your home

Paint eyeballs onto ping pong balls, hot glue string onto the eyeball and hang from your ceiling. Glow in the dark paint is fun for this project.

Inflate rubber gloves and tie shut like a balloon. Paint on fingernails. Attach a string and hang from the ceiling.


Decorating is not all about the decorations. Setting the mood can take your decorations to a whole new level. Add a little music and the correct lighting and Halloween begins to come to life.


Most all stores carry some type of Halloween music. Decide what mood you are trying to create and use music to make it fall into place.


Cut a candle sized hole into a small gourd. Place a tea light candle inside the gourd and decorate around your room.


Replace the light bulbs in your room with Halloween colored bulbs ? black, yellow and orange. This change in lighting enhances the Halloween mood.

Remember Halloween decorations do not need to be expensive. Hunt for bargains at discount stores, yard sales and your own closets. A great tip is to shop after Halloween sales and get great bargains for next year. Happy Halloween.

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 Cheap Halloween Decorations Ideas
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Fun And Profit Crafts For Adults This Halloween

Halloween crafting is not just for kids. There are many beautiful Halloween crafts that have a difficulty level of easy to medium that look like you have taken special art classes to complete. Try these Adult Halloween craft ideas and see for yourself how much pleasure there is in crafting. These craft ideas look so good that many are giving them away as gifts or even making many and selling them at craft shows. Whatever you decide to do with yours it will surly brighten your Halloween this year.

Glass Spider Ornaments

This craft can take on many moods of Halloween. It can be elegant and fancy or spooky and devilish. The crafter decides if this little Halloween spider is nasty or nice.


Colored glass ball complete with top and loop

Four pipe cleaners



Glue - dries clear and sticks to glass




Cut the 4 pipecleaners in half.

String a bead onto the pipe cleaner and twist a knot in the end to keep the bead from falling off. This will create the spider?s foot. Repeat for a total of 8 legs.

Remove the top cover and loop from the top of the glass ornament.

Add glue to the inside top rim of the glass ball.

Bend the end of the pipe cleaner without the bead (about 1/2 inch) to fit inside the top rim of the glass ball. Glue the legs in place 4 on each side making the legs of the spider. Remember to leave space for the spider to have a front and face if desired.

Replace the top and loop to the top of the glass ball.

Add rhinestones to the front of the glass ball to design the front of the spider. A pattern of a few stones or a just a pair of eyes work well. This is where you get creative.

Cut a piece of ribbon and string it through the loop on top of the glass ornament.

Hang the ornament for decoration, give as a gift, or make more to sell at the craft show.

Pretty Pumpkin

Oh so pretty or scary or funny or gross you decide. This is another one of those crafts that takes on the personality of the crafter once they choose the design that goes on the pumpkin. Choose paper patterns with roses, leaves, ribbons, pumpkins, glitter, bright reds, oranges, textured papers to make pretty pumpkins. Choose paper patters with body parts, bugs, vampires, monsters, scary weapons or snakes if you are going for the scary or gross pumpkin. You can also show your humor with prints from cartoons, or funny pictures of Halloween.


Pumpkin shape: paper mache pumpkin
glass pumpkin
plastic pumpkin
Even a real pumpkin (although this will have a shelf life)

Decoupage glue

Paint brush or foam brush

Printed paper design or solid color to glue onto paper

Hot glue, staple gun

Decoration for the top of your pumpkin shape, example: glittered leaves, plastic skulls, ribbons, black cats from craft store floral department all work well


Using just your hands, tear the paper that you covering your pumpkin with into pieces. A variety of shapes and sizes looks best.

Apply glue to your pumpkin shape and lay pieces of torn paper over it. Go ahead and overlap the paper so that no part of the pumpkin is showing .

Once the pumpkin is completely covered with paper, coat the entire shape with at least one to two coats of decoupage glue. Follow the directions on the bottle for drying time and number of coats needed.

Once dry add the decoration on top and secure to the top of the pumpkin shape, by staple gun or hot glue.

Halloween Crackle

This craft will have others thinking that you found a long lost family heirloom. Or maybe where digging in your back yard or the graveyard when you came across such an old ruin. Only you will know the secret that you created it just a few days ago.


Wooden Halloween Object (found at craft stores)

Base Paint Color

Top paint color (the base color will show in places underneath this crackled top paint color)

Crackle finish

Paint brush


Paint the wooden Halloween object a base coat color and let dry.

Follow the directions on the crackle finish that you purchased.

Usually: Let the base coat of paint dry completely

Add a coat of the crackle finish and before it dries paint the top coat color on top of the crackle finish

Dry with a blow dryer or heat gun

The crackle should appear aged and fantastic

It is recommended to try this process on a scrap of wood before applying to your project. You may decide to change your colors or reverse the top and bottom colors.

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 Fun And Profit Crafts For Adults This Halloween
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What is Wrong With Halloween

Halloween was once a pagan celebration. Halloween is the night were the death become living. Halloween celebrates witches, ghosts, zombies etc. Halloween, however, is not anti-Christian or evil.

Some people seem to believe that celebrating Halloween, decorating your house, going trick-or-treating, dressing in costumes, or even just enjoying it, is wrong. According to them you should not even watch a horror movie on this haunted night.

Despite the fact that thousands of Christians celebrate Halloween as a family and fun holiday a few extremists seem to assume that if you celebrate this night you are, in fact, a Satanist. But I ask, what?s wrong with family and fun? I argue that celebrating Halloween is actually the right thing to do.

It is true that Halloween used to be a pagan festival. Even then it wasn?t about evil - it was about honoring the departed. Then, when people became Christian, they continued celebrating the dead through All Hallows Day. This is true for many other Holidays, such as Christmas, which used to be a feast of Lugh, or Easter, a feast of fertility and rebirth. The church did this because the real dates of the events weren?t known.

Decorating your yard with spooky props, dressing in funny costumes, and doing pranks is fun for both you and your neighbors. I don?t recall any rule in the Bible that states ?Thou shalt not have fun or cause others to have fun? so what?s wrong with that? Having fun is a celebration of life, our precious gift from God!

Unless your intention for decorating your house and participating in Halloween is pleasing demons, other gods, or being evil, there is nothing anti-Christian about Halloween. It is much worse to celebrate Christmas as if it was a celebration of financial ruin and not the birth of Jesus, or to let Easter slip by as just an excuse to lay back and relax.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with this celebration. Halloween is just a family and fun holiday where your primary concern should be entertaining yourself and your guests. So I ask, what is wrong with Halloween?

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 What is Wrong With Halloween
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How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween used to be a celebration of the harvest and a way to remember the dead. But now it?s just people celebrating through pranks, parties, and costumes which spark the imagination of both children and their parents.

If you are throwing a Halloween party for kids or grownups let me give you a few tips.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is safety, particularly if you are going to use fireworks. With all the pranks, it is easy to get carried away but while body parts make excellent treats and horror stories are very entertaining, the last thing you want is to make them real.

Second, remember the theme. The only thing that makes a Halloween party any different from other parties is the theme: death, evil, and the occult. You may even want to pick a more specific theme (like zombies, or witches). Whatever theme you decide on use only decoration related to it.

As for colors, you can never go wrong with the classics: black and orange. Other colors that fit a Halloween theme nicely are dark blue, purple, and dark red. However, pick just two or three. Better yet, you can steal a nice concept from design and pick a main color (like black) and then use the other two scarcely to make items or food pop.

If you are throwing a party for the kids, or even if there will be just a few, remember to take them trick-or-treating. Never let them go alone - kids alone with a lot of candies is not a very good idea, and neither are kids in dark and busy roads.

When you are considering food remember to ask your guests to bring some along. It will not only save you time and money but will make everyone feel involved. I also suggest you search the Internet for creepy recipes - there are some out there that look like eyeballs, other body parts, or blood. And don?t forget to include a pumpkin pie!

You can also get creative with the invitations (a cobweb covering the invitation, a bat that reveals the invitation when it opens its wings, or a small pumpkin with the invitation inside) but remember to give your guests plenty of notice.

As for activities plan a lot of indoor games if you are having kids. Almost all games can be changed into a Halloween theme (in hide-and-seek the kid has not only to find the other children but ?cast a spell? when he finds each; or plan a treasure hunt filled with coffins and dark red candy for the children to find; remember to include a dark soundtrack if you can). All you need is a little imagination - you just have to pick a traditional came and give it a Halloween twist.

And never forget - expect the unexpected. Do not assume it won?t be raining, do not assume everyone who said they would come will (or that people who said they wouldn?t won?t), do not assume people will bring enough food and drink...

But most of all, remember to have a lot of fun. I bet you this Halloween will be the scariest ever.

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 How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party
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Halloween for the Five Senses

When planning Halloween parties some people often think about decoration as a means to create a scary visual atmosphere. But if you want your party to populate the nightmares of kids and adults for years to come you need to go beyond vision - you need to take an ?holistic? approach to party throwing by involving all the other four senses.


You just have to go outside to realize that people put an emphasis on vision when decorating for Halloween. All the statues, ghosts, bats, jack-o?-lanterns, and small trinkets compose a pleasing visual experience. You won?t be short on ideas on how to use this sense in your party and, in fact, it should be the sense you pay the most attention to, as it is the one people will comment on, even if the real experience is created by the combination of all five senses.


Our second most developed sense is also one of the most ignored. It is, however, very easy and inexpensive to give a Hollywood quality soundtrack to your party. Pick spooky themes, preferably movie themes or songs without strong lyrics, and then play them on a loop as background music, taking care not to set it too loud. If you have enough budget you can even use some noise decoration, like screams and evil laughs some Halloween decorations come with.

You can also combine vision and hearing in a classic Halloween activity - play scary movies one after another. People who are interested can sit down and watch, people who aren?t will be able to enjoy the party. Better yet, get a dark room to play the movies and use the soundtrack on the rest of the house. Some people even play the sound from the movies on background without a TV at all.


Touch is more tricky. If you are having kids you just have to plan Halloween games to keep them busy - they will surely touch everything. Including 3D decoration (statues and toys, cauldrons, skulls...) is also a good idea. If you have enough budget you can also cool down the place for a death experience or heat it up if the theme is mummies.

A nice touch that combines all the three senses above is creating an ?easter egg?, a term coined from the game industry. Set a hidden space in your house where you go all out. For example, create a tomb with walls, an entrance, a coffin with a mummy, background music, and a treasury and heat it up. Now spread clues throughout your house that invite people go there, like a trail or signs.

Smell and Taste

Literally speaking, the real smell of Halloween is rotten and the taste is... Indescribable. But by using edible food you can give a touch of Halloween to these two senses: pumpkin and apples are the secret. Don?t stop at the traditional pumpkin pie and apple bobbing, include pumpkin and apple in everything you can, from cookies to main courses, to really get the Halloween mood going.

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 Halloween for the Five Senses
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JJ Abrams Movie Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Star Trek Halloween costumes will provide a universe of fun for all the family this Halloween. A sci-fi franchise with

Star Trek Male Blue Shirt 300x300 JJ Abrams Movie Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Star Trek Blue Deluxe Adult Plus Costume

multiple series, numerous films and now, after the 2009 film, even different parallel universes; Star Trek will always be a popular choice at Halloween due to its versatility and easily recognizable style. Whether you’re a Trekkie wanting a costume for conventions as well as Halloween, or you just want a simple and enjoyable theme that is easy to translate into a group costume for friends, you can’t beat these Star Trek Halloween Costumes.

Dressing Up the Crew

Star Trek is the perfect franchise for group dressing. If you choose to follow the recent film, you have the options of costumes for all levels of crewmembers, as well as alien makeup (we all remember the striking green girl and the Vulcans) as well as the grungier look of the dastardly Romulans. So, team up with your friends and try to assemble a crew!

Starfleet has many crew options:
- Redshirts: Reserved for perhaps your most clumsy or least favorite friends, the redshirts have a cult following for their tendency to draw peril wherever they go and end up meeting a swift and often violent end. This was paid homage to in the film’s parachute jump. So the choice of a red shirt is perfect for those who like a sense of humor along with their Star Trek costumes. However, a few thankful exceptions to prove the redshirt rule are Nyota Uhura, in her ever-sexy red tunic, or Scotty in his engineering tunic.
- Medical and Science Officers: Perfect for brainy or nerdier friends, the Blueshirts are the cerebral power to any crew. Make sure to accessories with appropriately science equipment such as scanners as in the original series. The famous Spock hails as a science officer, and is a perfect choice for any Vulcan fan who can perfect the ‘live long and prosper’ sign. Or there is the choice of the cantankerously lovable character of Bones, the ship’s chief medical officer.
- Command and Helm: For the active go-getters or engine-heads of your group, the Yellowshirts are the people in charge of flying the enterprise and giving orders. The legendary Captain Kirk was the captain, sporting his gold tunic when he finally takes official command at the end of the film, but there are also the options of the adorable prodigy Pavel Chekov, or the brave (if inexperienced) Hikaru Sulu as pilot.
The official movie Star Trek costumes benefit from emulating the sleek design and quality of the updated suits of the film, and come with the important Starfleet badge. As an individual or a group you’re sure to make an impact this Halloween!

Other Options

Other possible options include dressing up as the villains as the film: the mining Romulans. Complete with mourning head tattoos and striking long coat, this less conventional option is sure to turn heads.

Or, for Trekkies who prefer to stick to the old school, there are a whole number of original series costumes for you to choose from, including sexy female options, and even Klingons! For fans of The Next Generation, there are also the infamous jumpsuits available, well known for causing the actors spinal problems in their design. Thankfully, these costumes are much more beneficial for your health, and look sleek and authentic, also complete with a pin.

So, boldly go where no-one has gone before this October, and pick Star Trek Halloween Costumes.

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 JJ Abrams Movie Star Trek Halloween Costumes
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Making Masks for Halloween

The perfect and scariest Halloween costume would not be enough without the mask. Since the face is first thing that people gaze on to when he or she meets somebody, a Halloween mask worn during a party would definitely determine how scary can you get.

Today, there are so many Halloween masks being sold in various bookshops and specialty stores out there. You can choose from your favorite characters from horror, thriller, or sci-fi movies. You can even find masks which as truly Halloween inspired such as ghosts, ghouls, and monsters.

In most specialty stores, the most popular Halloween masks include gaping wraith mask, glow in dark hockey mask, meateater mask, Batman the dark knight Joker mask, deep sea mask, devil's rejects Captain Spaulding mask, whispers hooded mask, Harry Potter dementor mask, elegant devil mask, leatherface deluxe mask, Batman the dark knight grumpy clown mask, that's not funny clown mask, got your goat mask, red skull mask beanie, white skull mask beanie, skull mask blue beanie and so much more. If you are into departed celebrities, you can even find some which are created in their memory.

But, if you are the type who gives so much emphasis on creativity, uniqueness, and resourcefulness, then you should try making your own mask. The following are just some of your options in making your very own Halloween mask:

1. Improvised latex Halloween masks. Many people would agree that latex or hard plastic masks could be quite uncomfortable once worn. And why not? These are made from synthetic plastic materials and can even be harmful when not used properly. So if are not into wearing latex masks sold in specialty shops, you can create your very own latex inspired mask.

Here, you'll be needing poster board or light weight cardboard, elastic or tongue depressor, and various embellishments to make the mask stand out. The instructions are quite simple, you need to cut the board with the shape of your face, cut it out, punch holes in each side of the mask and decorate it using various embellishments such as poster paints, feathers, glitter, and everything you wish to put in. The  good thing about this is you can make your mask as scary and as ghoulish as you want it to be.

2. Simple paper and cloth masks. This is quite popular and easy to do because all you will be needing is a used cloth which can come from a used pillowcase or shirts, permanent markers, a pair of scissors, and lots of duck tape. Doing a paper and face mask is easy because all you have to do is lay the cloth flat and cut a hole in the center of the cloth. Afterwards, you need to take a piece of paper and draw the mask that you like. Then, turn the cloth inside out and lay the mask face down.

Using the duct tape, tape the sides of the mask down to the cloth and cut the eye holes. Let the duct tape grip the cloth and paper well then you can now decorate your Halloween mask using markers and other crafts and embellishments that you want to include.

3. Your very own printed mask. If you are not the type who is into work stuff such as cutting, pasting, and drawing, you can still make your very own Halloween mask through the use of computer. Today, there are so many sites, which offer Halloween mask patterns, which are ready for printing.

You can choose from a wide array of styles and characters depending on what or who would you want to portray. If you are knowledgeable on various computer programs and software such as Photoshop, you can design your very own mask and print it out.

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 Making Masks for Halloween
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