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Cheap Halloween Decorations Ideas

The price of Halloween decorating has become out of control. The cost of a single decoration can be the entire budget for some Halloween parties. Decorating for Halloween does not have to crack the pumpkin. Make use of our cheap Halloween decorating ideas and keep more of your hard earned money.

Halloween Door Decorations

Door Cover

What better way to set the Halloween mood than at the front door. An affordable option is a plastic or cloth door cover. These can be found at dollar stores and party stores. You could also cover the door with Halloween themed fabric or a Halloween table cloth.

Halloween Door Wreath

Use a wire coat hanger and pull it into a circle. Wrap the hanger with a string of old Christmas lights and decorate with cheap masks, corn husks, ribbons, Halloween candy or even plastic spiders ? any Halloween theme you choose will work for this.

Halloween Swag Over the Door

A simple way to add Halloween to your door is to hang a sway of leaves, wrapped candy, plastic bugs, little skeletons, etc. above your door. You could even add lights to your sway.

Table Top Decorations

Halloween Tree

Hallow out a pumpkin and fill with potting soil or marbles. Cut a branch from a tree and stand it up in the pumpkin. Paint the branch black and add small Halloween themed decorations. These can be homemade or store bought. Best part, this Halloween tree needs no water.

Quick Halloween Vase

Use a store bought plastic trick-or-treat pail such as a skeleton head, pumpkin or black cat and add a mum or Halloween bouquet to the center. This makes a great centerpiece for any table.

Sweet Treat Vase

Place your brightly colored Halloween candy into a clear, clean vase. Add flower picks shaped in Halloween designs to add some height and dimension. This decoration does double duty as it can then be given out as treats on Halloween night.

Hanging Decorations

Don?t neglect the ceiling. Add fake spider webs and spiders to your corners. Hang spiders from your lights and even to your curtain rods. If you don?t like spiders than add cute ghosts or pumpkins to the upper areas of your home

Paint eyeballs onto ping pong balls, hot glue string onto the eyeball and hang from your ceiling. Glow in the dark paint is fun for this project.

Inflate rubber gloves and tie shut like a balloon. Paint on fingernails. Attach a string and hang from the ceiling.


Decorating is not all about the decorations. Setting the mood can take your decorations to a whole new level. Add a little music and the correct lighting and Halloween begins to come to life.


Most all stores carry some type of Halloween music. Decide what mood you are trying to create and use music to make it fall into place.


Cut a candle sized hole into a small gourd. Place a tea light candle inside the gourd and decorate around your room.


Replace the light bulbs in your room with Halloween colored bulbs ? black, yellow and orange. This change in lighting enhances the Halloween mood.

Remember Halloween decorations do not need to be expensive. Hunt for bargains at discount stores, yard sales and your own closets. A great tip is to shop after Halloween sales and get great bargains for next year. Happy Halloween.

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 Cheap Halloween Decorations Ideas
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Fun And Profit Crafts For Adults This Halloween

Halloween crafting is not just for kids. There are many beautiful Halloween crafts that have a difficulty level of easy to medium that look like you have taken special art classes to complete. Try these Adult Halloween craft ideas and see for yourself how much pleasure there is in crafting. These craft ideas look so good that many are giving them away as gifts or even making many and selling them at craft shows. Whatever you decide to do with yours it will surly brighten your Halloween this year.

Glass Spider Ornaments

This craft can take on many moods of Halloween. It can be elegant and fancy or spooky and devilish. The crafter decides if this little Halloween spider is nasty or nice.


Colored glass ball complete with top and loop

Four pipe cleaners



Glue - dries clear and sticks to glass




Cut the 4 pipecleaners in half.

String a bead onto the pipe cleaner and twist a knot in the end to keep the bead from falling off. This will create the spider?s foot. Repeat for a total of 8 legs.

Remove the top cover and loop from the top of the glass ornament.

Add glue to the inside top rim of the glass ball.

Bend the end of the pipe cleaner without the bead (about 1/2 inch) to fit inside the top rim of the glass ball. Glue the legs in place 4 on each side making the legs of the spider. Remember to leave space for the spider to have a front and face if desired.

Replace the top and loop to the top of the glass ball.

Add rhinestones to the front of the glass ball to design the front of the spider. A pattern of a few stones or a just a pair of eyes work well. This is where you get creative.

Cut a piece of ribbon and string it through the loop on top of the glass ornament.

Hang the ornament for decoration, give as a gift, or make more to sell at the craft show.

Pretty Pumpkin

Oh so pretty or scary or funny or gross you decide. This is another one of those crafts that takes on the personality of the crafter once they choose the design that goes on the pumpkin. Choose paper patterns with roses, leaves, ribbons, pumpkins, glitter, bright reds, oranges, textured papers to make pretty pumpkins. Choose paper patters with body parts, bugs, vampires, monsters, scary weapons or snakes if you are going for the scary or gross pumpkin. You can also show your humor with prints from cartoons, or funny pictures of Halloween.


Pumpkin shape: paper mache pumpkin
glass pumpkin
plastic pumpkin
Even a real pumpkin (although this will have a shelf life)

Decoupage glue

Paint brush or foam brush

Printed paper design or solid color to glue onto paper

Hot glue, staple gun

Decoration for the top of your pumpkin shape, example: glittered leaves, plastic skulls, ribbons, black cats from craft store floral department all work well


Using just your hands, tear the paper that you covering your pumpkin with into pieces. A variety of shapes and sizes looks best.

Apply glue to your pumpkin shape and lay pieces of torn paper over it. Go ahead and overlap the paper so that no part of the pumpkin is showing .

Once the pumpkin is completely covered with paper, coat the entire shape with at least one to two coats of decoupage glue. Follow the directions on the bottle for drying time and number of coats needed.

Once dry add the decoration on top and secure to the top of the pumpkin shape, by staple gun or hot glue.

Halloween Crackle

This craft will have others thinking that you found a long lost family heirloom. Or maybe where digging in your back yard or the graveyard when you came across such an old ruin. Only you will know the secret that you created it just a few days ago.


Wooden Halloween Object (found at craft stores)

Base Paint Color

Top paint color (the base color will show in places underneath this crackled top paint color)

Crackle finish

Paint brush


Paint the wooden Halloween object a base coat color and let dry.

Follow the directions on the crackle finish that you purchased.

Usually: Let the base coat of paint dry completely

Add a coat of the crackle finish and before it dries paint the top coat color on top of the crackle finish

Dry with a blow dryer or heat gun

The crackle should appear aged and fantastic

It is recommended to try this process on a scrap of wood before applying to your project. You may decide to change your colors or reverse the top and bottom colors.

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 Fun And Profit Crafts For Adults This Halloween
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Finding The Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Don’t Get Caught Off Guard!

You finally received that perfect Halloween party invitation - the only problem is you were invited only hours before the party begins. You dont need to get stressed out. You can still be a hit at the Halloween party with these great last minute costume ideas. The great thing about these Halloween costumes is that they are right in your closet, kid?s toy box or around the house. Your favorite jeans, baseball cap, little black dress, kids toys ? even your office supplies can be turned into a great costume with a little bit of imagination.


Raid the closets for:

? Favorite Jeans
? Boots
? Hat
? Scarf

Raid the toy box for:

? rope
? toy gun/holster
? stick horse (if going for funny)


Raid the closets for:

? Bandana
? Boots
? Ragged bottom skirt (women)
? Baggy pants (men)
? Loose shirt
? vest
? Belt

Raid the toy box for:

? eye patch
? Stuffed Parrot
? Sword
? Hook for a hand
? Icky teeth


Raid the closet:

? Hawaiian shirt
? Shorts
? Hat (baseball cap/ straw hat/ visor
? Sunglasses
? Camera with strap to use around your neck
? Socks
? Sandals

Raid the toy box or around the house

? Carry around bags filled with gifts for the family (stuffed toys, cups, t-shirts)
? Maps
? Old Hotel Keycard


Raid the closet:

? Tight shirt buttoned up to your neck
? Baggy or tight pants pulled up way too high
? Bow tie
? Long white socks or long mismatched socks
? Ugly shoes
? Glasses
? Handkerchief

Raid the toy box or around the house:

? Pocket protector
? Pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, PDA
? Comb
? Hair gel, make hair greasy and combed over


Raid the closet:


? Little black dress
? Black Pumps
? Black Hose/fishnet stockings
? Hat, black veil is a nice touch
? Smeared mascara (from crying)


? Nice suit
? Tie
? Shoes
? Hair tossled

Raid the toy box or around the house:

? Picture of dearly departed
? Bible
? Tissues


Raid the closet:

? Dress in all black or all white
? Long sleeved shirt
? Long pants
? Hair net or hat (Chef?s hat if you have one)

Raid the toy box or around the house:

? Chef?s hat, pin it on with hair pins if it is too small
? Apron
? Kitchen towels out of pockets of apron
? Thermometer
? Big spoons

So don?t turn down that last minute invite to a great Halloween party because you don?t have a costume. Look around your closet (costume idea; fashion model), the garage (why not be a handy man or woman), shed (go as a gardener), bathroom (show a little crack and be a plumber) the costume possibilities are endless. You need more? Raid your teen?s closet and go as a teenager. Tape cotton balls to your bottom and add some ears from Easter and go as a bunny. Ladies, pull your hair back and into a bun, put on a dress, grab some books and go as a librarian. Grab a wine glass and a bottle of wine and go as a wine taster??and on and on and on. Whether you use one of these great ideas or come up with one of your own the point is to get to that Halloween party and have an awesome time. Happy Halloween.

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 Finding The Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Dont Get Caught Off Guard!
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What is Wrong With Halloween

Halloween was once a pagan celebration. Halloween is the night were the death become living. Halloween celebrates witches, ghosts, zombies etc. Halloween, however, is not anti-Christian or evil.

Some people seem to believe that celebrating Halloween, decorating your house, going trick-or-treating, dressing in costumes, or even just enjoying it, is wrong. According to them you should not even watch a horror movie on this haunted night.

Despite the fact that thousands of Christians celebrate Halloween as a family and fun holiday a few extremists seem to assume that if you celebrate this night you are, in fact, a Satanist. But I ask, what?s wrong with family and fun? I argue that celebrating Halloween is actually the right thing to do.

It is true that Halloween used to be a pagan festival. Even then it wasn?t about evil - it was about honoring the departed. Then, when people became Christian, they continued celebrating the dead through All Hallows Day. This is true for many other Holidays, such as Christmas, which used to be a feast of Lugh, or Easter, a feast of fertility and rebirth. The church did this because the real dates of the events weren?t known.

Decorating your yard with spooky props, dressing in funny costumes, and doing pranks is fun for both you and your neighbors. I don?t recall any rule in the Bible that states ?Thou shalt not have fun or cause others to have fun? so what?s wrong with that? Having fun is a celebration of life, our precious gift from God!

Unless your intention for decorating your house and participating in Halloween is pleasing demons, other gods, or being evil, there is nothing anti-Christian about Halloween. It is much worse to celebrate Christmas as if it was a celebration of financial ruin and not the birth of Jesus, or to let Easter slip by as just an excuse to lay back and relax.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with this celebration. Halloween is just a family and fun holiday where your primary concern should be entertaining yourself and your guests. So I ask, what is wrong with Halloween?

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Making a Witch Costume For Halloween

The witch is one of the most popular Halloween costume for females. I don?t know if it is the flexibility (spooky, sexy, old, young...) or just the fact that, in reality, Halloween is still celebrated by today?s witches. But to be honest, the reason is not important.

You don?t need to spend a lot of money to buy a witch costume. This Halloween why don?t you try to make one from scratch?

The hat
The hat is the most important piece of a witch?s costume. Although some witches can get away without one you can never be sure whether it is a witch, a sorceress, or just an ?old hag?, so don?t even think about not including one in yours.

The classic pointy black hat is really easy to make with black card stock. Cut a circle with a circle opening to put the head in and then create a cone and glue them together. If you want you can cover the card stock with fabric (in that case you should crunch the paper and make the cone not so pointy).

Remember that if you are going for an alternative look (such as a red witch) you should make the hat match the rest of the costume.

The dress
The way the witch dresses can make her a sexy, spooky, or plain ugly witch.

For an ugly spooky witch, use a long black skirt (or buy lots of black fabric and tie it around your waist with a string and make it even more rustic) and add a long sleeve black sweater. Use a pillow to serve as a hunch and black or red shoes. You can also use a black cape with a hood over your costume if you are not using a hat.

For a sexy witch, use a black mini skirt, a black top, black or red high heels or boots and lots of black lace. A sexy witch uses lots of red (gloves, jewelry, socks)... and is not afraid to show some body.

Another key element of the witch costume is the broom. Any old broom will do, but if you are going for rustic get a stick from the local forest and some straw or dried herbs and tied them together.

Other good ideas to include with your costume are jewelry with occult symbols, red apples, a black cat plushie, white makeup, a fake nose and warts, maybe a portable cauldron. Witches are simple characters that don?t use a lot of accessories, so don?t overdo it.

Creating your very own witch costume can be easy if you use your imagination and common items from around the house. It is a simple costume that never loses its appeal and it is an excellent choice for this Halloween.

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 Making a Witch Costume For Halloween
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Making Your Own Skeleton Costume

Think Halloween. Other than pumpkins, trick or treating, witches, and bats, I?ll bet you thought of skeletons, skulls, or bones. Unfortunately there isn?t a really good skeleton costume yet, but with creativity you can make your very own - one that is at least as good as those you can buy from the costume shop.

Skull - the skeleton?s head
Even if you only show up with a skull people will know you are a skeleton. If you have the money to invest in a skull mask I really recommend you do, but it is also possible to create one from scratch.

Take a long piece of black fabric, a large hood, or anything you can wrap around your face. Cut holes for the eyes, for breathing, and for the mouth (unless you don?t plan on eating or drinking). Now you just need to paint or glue a skull!

You can also use a balloon. Fill the balloon and glue several layers of paper on it. Let it dry. Now cut in half and you have the skeleton (pun intended) for two masks. Just cut the same holes, paint in black, let it dry, and then paint the skull. Use a string to hold it in place and then use a black hood to cover the rest of your head.

Costume - the skeleton per se
Take black clothes and white paint. That?s all you?ll need. That and a little knowledge of anatomy (or a fantastic new tool called Google). Just paint the skeleton over the clothes.

The skeleton itself doesn?t need any accessories, however you can give it some personality by using a few simple items. A top hat and a walking stick will make for a stylish skeleton. A black hood, a black cape and scythe will create Death. And menacing skeletons will use a mace or axe (ideal weapons for crumbling other skeletons).

Skeletons are one of the most worn costumes for Halloween. This Halloween you can dress as one too.

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 Making Your Own Skeleton Costume
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Children’s Witch Costumes For Halloween

Are you looking for that perfect costume for your child this Halloween? Do you want an outfit that will not only look great but will also be super comfortable and extremely affordable? If so, then you will certainly want to check out a few of our personal favorites.

Child Witch Costume whitch toddler costume 150x150 Childrens Witch Costumes For Halloween

This toddler witch costume is certain to cause quite a commotion this season.

It comes complete with a long, full length black robe that includes an attached purple collar. A matching purple waist sash that is accented with a super cute rhinestone buckle helps tie this look together nicely. The insides of the free flowing sleeves are also accented in the same colored purple.

To complete this outfit a matching hat that features a rhinestone buckle is also included. Add an inexpensive broom and a cat inspired plush basket for her to carry her loot in and this costume is complete!

Hocus Pocus Witch Costume hocus pocus witch costume 150x150 Childrens Witch Costumes For Halloween

Are you looking for witch clothing that is fresh, new, and unique? This absolutely adorable girls witch costume was just recently released and is sure to be one of our best sellers this season!

This witch outfit includes a precious peasant style dress that comes with an attached corset with lavender laces and a matching hat that is accented with green patches. Please note that this costume is purple (lavender) although it may appear to be a darker blue in the picture provided.

Add a black of purple and black striped tights and a favorite pair of black boots and your daughter will certainly have a wonderful time pretending to cast spells on her friends this Halloween.

Ballerina Witch Costume ballerina witch costume 150x150 Childrens Witch Costumes For Halloween

If your daughter is anything like most little girls she will have a difficult time deciding between a super cute ballerina costume and a scary witch costume! Why not let her be both this year?

Watch the magic unfold as your little one casts her spells while dancing around in this ballerina inspired girls witch costume! This super cute costume comes complete with a purple tutu-sytle dress that features black trim and memorable matching bat wings. Also included are black gloves (fingerless) and a black headband.

A classically inspired witch hat is also included to round out this mesmerizing outfit nicely!

You will definitely want to add a pair of our inexpensive spider web tights to this enchanting ensemble!

Despite their reputation of being ruthless old hags that create nasty potions and cast spells on people there are plenty of nice witches around. From Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Glinda the Good Witch there are plenty of good role models available for your little one to emulate this Halloween! Find your daughter a cute child witch costume before it is too late!

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Making a Zombie Costume

Zombies are dead people that were reanimated. They were a part of many myths but the official zombies were cadavers brought from the dead by voodoo magic. And now you can turn yourself into a zombie in the comfort of your own house, no magic required.

The general idea - the dead look
The zombie is dead. So the most important thing is looking dead. A pale body paint (or gray), dark around the eyes and with white colored eye lenses will help a lot, but you need to add or you will look like just a toothless vampire.

I suggest you create some scars and putrefying wounds in your face and exposed body parts using body paint, or you can even buy them ready to use from the local costume shop. This is really a key step, and even if you only paint yourself and add a few wounds people will be able to recognize you as a zombie.

Clothes for a zombie
Despite the fact that a rotting body is all a zombie really needs, in reality your clothes have been buried with you too so you need to make them look old. Use bleach to make the fabric look weaker and then tear it apart.

If you have real old clothes even better. And a good idea is getting some clothes from the sixties or some other ?ancient? time and use this aging process in them. That way you can insert a zombie even into a Sixties themed Halloween party.

Accessories that will make you come from the dead
The ready made wounds and scars we talked about are all that you need. Zombies, after all, don?t need much else, they weren?t buried with anything else, and they don?t use weapons to kill people, preferring to eat them instead.

You can, off course, add a few accessories. Maybe some old looking jewelry. Or dried or rotten flowers that were burried with the zombie but still cling to its hair and clothes. Maybe a will. And since historically zombies were created by Voodoo, chicken legs, skulls, and fake rats can also help.

Bringing a zombie from the dead may not be an easy task, but turning the living into zombies is. This Halloween show up as a zombie.

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 Making a Zombie Costume
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Finding Baby Cat Costumes

When Looking for a fun costume idea for your child this Halloween your number one concern should be his or her comfort. Let's face it! Your kid will look super adorable in just about anything you dress them in! The key is finding an outfit that will keep him happy for the whole night.

Below is a list of baby cat costume ideas that parents have reported were not only absolutely adorable but were super comfy as well.

Lovable Toddler Lion Costumelion costume 150x150 Finding Baby Cat Costumes

Your toddler is already the king of your house so why not dress him as the king of the jungle?

This cute and cuddly lion costume is sure to make your baby the most adorable little tyke this Halloween. This darling costume comes complete with an extremely soft plush tan and white jumpsuit that includes adorable, attached tiny foot covers. What many parents love about this costume, besides its appearance, it just how easy it is to put on and take off.
Your little one is sure to be the center of attention wherever you go!

tiger costume 150x150 Finding Baby Cat CostumesToddler Tiger Costume

What a sweet tiger costume! This newly released outfit is certainly to be one of our most popular costumes this season.

It comes complete with a stunningly soft orange and black striped bodysuit! Furthermore, it features slip resistant little feet and an awesome tiger hood for added safety and comfort.

If you are a Clemson or LSU fan, this costume will be just as much fun for you as its for your child. As it is super comfortable and ultra-soft you will certainly make it through the whole party without hearing any roaring!

Puss n' Boots Costume

This Puss n' Boots costume is an officially licensed Shrek costume so you can be puss in boots costume1 150x150 Finding Baby Cat Costumessure it meets a high quality threshold! Your courageous little cat will have a great time pretending to save the day while he dances around in a full length cat musketeer style romper that features an attached black cape, dark brown belt, and a light brown tail.

What sets this kids cat costume apart from others is the stylish character headpiece that includes an attached black hat. Pair this cute baby cat costume with any of our other officially licensed Shrek costume for a magical night!

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 Finding Baby Cat Costumes
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How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween used to be a celebration of the harvest and a way to remember the dead. But now it?s just people celebrating through pranks, parties, and costumes which spark the imagination of both children and their parents.

If you are throwing a Halloween party for kids or grownups let me give you a few tips.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is safety, particularly if you are going to use fireworks. With all the pranks, it is easy to get carried away but while body parts make excellent treats and horror stories are very entertaining, the last thing you want is to make them real.

Second, remember the theme. The only thing that makes a Halloween party any different from other parties is the theme: death, evil, and the occult. You may even want to pick a more specific theme (like zombies, or witches). Whatever theme you decide on use only decoration related to it.

As for colors, you can never go wrong with the classics: black and orange. Other colors that fit a Halloween theme nicely are dark blue, purple, and dark red. However, pick just two or three. Better yet, you can steal a nice concept from design and pick a main color (like black) and then use the other two scarcely to make items or food pop.

If you are throwing a party for the kids, or even if there will be just a few, remember to take them trick-or-treating. Never let them go alone - kids alone with a lot of candies is not a very good idea, and neither are kids in dark and busy roads.

When you are considering food remember to ask your guests to bring some along. It will not only save you time and money but will make everyone feel involved. I also suggest you search the Internet for creepy recipes - there are some out there that look like eyeballs, other body parts, or blood. And don?t forget to include a pumpkin pie!

You can also get creative with the invitations (a cobweb covering the invitation, a bat that reveals the invitation when it opens its wings, or a small pumpkin with the invitation inside) but remember to give your guests plenty of notice.

As for activities plan a lot of indoor games if you are having kids. Almost all games can be changed into a Halloween theme (in hide-and-seek the kid has not only to find the other children but ?cast a spell? when he finds each; or plan a treasure hunt filled with coffins and dark red candy for the children to find; remember to include a dark soundtrack if you can). All you need is a little imagination - you just have to pick a traditional came and give it a Halloween twist.

And never forget - expect the unexpected. Do not assume it won?t be raining, do not assume everyone who said they would come will (or that people who said they wouldn?t won?t), do not assume people will bring enough food and drink...

But most of all, remember to have a lot of fun. I bet you this Halloween will be the scariest ever.

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