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Girls Halloween Games: Take Back Fright Night With Glamor

Girls everywhere are taking over Halloween this year. Halloween has long been feared by many girls as the night where their brothers or neighbors are allowed to terrify them with scary faces and costumes and get away with it. They are saying no more. No more are they going to dread Halloween and the horrible frights awaiting them. Girls are taking back their Halloween and doing it in glamorous style.

No matter what the ages of the girls 5 - 105 girls love glamour. And what says glamour more than a party. A Halloween party that is. A Halloween party is a great time to choose a theme that fits your guests and allow the glamour to begin. Glamour can be added to your Halloween party by decorating with glitter and sparkle. You can add to the glamour by serving foods and beverages out of fun colored or glittery bowls and cups. Many come in fun shapes such as glass slippers or crowns, even some shaped like diamond rings. Napkins can add a drop of glamour also.

Games can really add the finishing touches to your party. With the idea of your guests going away looking marvelous and glammed up we have perfected the following party games.

Costume Contest

Award prizes for costumes. On your Halloween party invitation state the theme of your party and what costume prizes will be awarded. Example; Theme: Movie Stars Prizes for: Best Live Star, Best Dead Star, Best Child Star, Best 40?s Star, Best 70?s Star, Best Silent Picture Star, Best Action Film Star

Prize: Movie Tickets

High Heel Race

Set up a course for girls to run. Have each guest complete the course and time them or have the guests form teams and race each other. This depends on how many guests you have and what works better with your party venue. You may need to bring some old heels for guests to use.

Prize: Basket with foot care items including foot lotion.

Glamorous Cupcakes

Provide frosting (great flavors such as peppermint or butterscotch are fun) and glamorous decorations for guests to have fun decorating a cupcake. Decorations can include edible sparkles, colored sugars, edible beads, etc. Many of these items can be found in a cake decorating store. Provide a paper doily for each guest to write their name on the edge and set their cupcake on it to be judged. Provide a fancy cupcake holder or plate to showcase the decorated cupcakes and allow guests to judge them.

Prize: Everyone eats their own cupcake

First Prize: Gift certificate for a bakery that makes glamorous cupcakes.

Finish up the night with gift baskets or bags for each guest. Continue with your theme and add candy rings, candy necklaces and candy bracelets. Matching hair clips glammed up with glitter or feathers make a fun memory of the party. If you are able, take a group picture and email it or print it out on your home printer to include in the bag. The point here is that girls take back Halloween and have fun with it. Halloween should be looked forward to by everyone even the glamorous girls who could not be scary looking if they tried. Have a glamorous Halloween girls!

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 Girls Halloween Games: Take Back Fright Night With Glamor
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Halloween Party Ideas Perfect for Adults

Halloween is a great time to cut loose and have some fun. It is the one night a year where it is totally acceptable to take on a different identity. Adults everywhere are hiring babysitters and taking the house back from the kids by throwing adult themed Halloween parties. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a theme that will not only shock yourself but your friends too. Decide on a theme that is sexy, scary, naughty or nice and you won't be able to help but have a very happy Halloween.

Here are a few Adult Halloween party themes to get you started. Let your mind run wild and come up with many more that would absolutely shock your friends. Can?t decide on sexy, scary, naughty or nice? Let your guests decide. Throw many themes out there and be surprised at what walks in your door.

Playboy Bunny Party

? Have all of the women dress as playboy bunnies. Award prizes for the sexiest bunny, funniest bunny, prettiest bunny etc.
? Men dress in robes, pajamas and slippers of course. Award prizes for the sleaziest, oldest, youngest Hugh Heffner look-a-likes.

Super Heroes/Villains

? Have guests dress in their favorite super hero or villain costumes. It will be surprising to see who is an actual villain and who thinks they are heroes.


? Vampires come in all shapes and forms. Have your guests show up in their interpretation of what a vampire or vampiress looks like.

The Oscars

? Have guests dress as famous actors or actresses. Dead or alive, after all this is Halloween.

Famous Couples

? For actual couples have your guests decide who they come as.

? For singles you can assign guests half of a couple and they will meet their other half when they come to the party. This is great if you are match maker and have lots of single friends.


? Have your guests dress in zombie costumes. Not sure what a zombie looks like; host a movie night and watch some zombie movies to get in the mood and design your costume.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

? Guests can come as CSI Agents, dead bodies, suspects, coroners, body bags, wrap themselves in police tape, the imagination really is the limit on this one.

Haunted House

? Guests come as anything spooky and ghostly. If your friends are not too willing to step outside of the box this theme may be a good one for them.


? Guests come dressed as any part of a funeral. Look for corpses, funeral directors, grieving family members, lawyers still needing to read the will, sexy widow or widower, coffins and of course spoiled children who are just looking for their inheritance.

You know your guests the best. Pick a theme that is out of the box for you and your friends but still one that will be enjoyed. Have an awesome adult Halloween party this year; a party that will be talked about for years to come. Trick or Treat!!

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 Halloween Party Ideas Perfect for Adults
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Halloween Decorations Ideas to Fit Your Taste

Many people celebrate fall Harvest. We have rounded up some great fall harvest decorating ideas that will work inside or outside your home. Take a look at these and adapt them to fit your decorating style.

Many of these items can be found around your house, local farmers markets and craft stores:

Straw Bales

Straw bales can be used as extra seating or a great place for a colorful arrangement of gourds and pumpkins. Many people use straw bales on their front porches as a back drop for decorations. Nothing says hello to fall like a seated scarecrow on a bale of straw.


Scarecrows are fun and easy to make. Stuff a pair of jeans and an old shirt with straw. Add a straw stuffed pillow case for a head and top it off with a hat.


To finish off your scarecrow attach a crow to his shoulder. Crows are also fun to place around on a fence or your mailbox.

Pumpkins and Gourds and Sunflowers

A pumpkin and gourd lined stairway is a great way to celebrate the fall harvest. Add an old milk can or tin bucket full of sunflowers as a nice touch of color.
Gourds make great table decorations and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Smaller ones can be used as place cards and the larger ones as center pieces and candle holders.

Corn stalks and Indian Corn

Corn stalks look great as front porch decoration and also can be used inside to add height where needed. Indian corn also comes in a variety of colors. You cannot go wrong placing Indian Corn in a basket. Rubbing a little oil on the dried Indian corn enhances the already beautiful color.


A garland of leaves or flowers or a combo of both brighten any room. They can be laid down the center of a table with gourds and apples intertwined ? Or they can be swaged over doorways and on stairway banisters. Cinnamon sticks can be added for that great fall harvest scent.


Lanterns are a nice harvest accent. They add warmth to any room and make a center piece come alive.

Pillows and Quilts

The added chill in the air makes it easy to add beautiful pillows and quilts to your home. Bring pops of bright color and material with fun textures through harvest themed pillows and quilts. Sunflowers, pumpkins and crows are popular this year.

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks not only bring visual texture but have the added bonus of scent. Cinnamon sticks can be hot glued into garlands and wreaths. They also can be hot glued around candles, or candy dishes. They are a fun way to celebrate fall.

By adding your own style and flare to these great fall harvest decorating ideas your home will easily come to life. Remember to visit your local farmers markets and craft stores to make these ideas your own. With a little bit of time and effort your fall harvest decorations will be the talk of your neighborhood. Happy decorating.

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 Halloween Decorations Ideas to Fit Your Taste
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Halloween Decorating Ideas: Create New Family Memories

Autumn is in the air. At first we smell the crisp cool air and our eyes delight in the beautiful scenery as the leaves begin to change colors from green to red, yellow and shades of brown and orange. Then our minds begin to dream of school starting, football games, bonfires and of course Halloween. We remember our favorite costumes and parties over the years and begin to get excited for the Holiday to arrive again. Halloween is fun for everyone. What better way to start celebrating Halloween than to decorate your home and yard and begin creating new memories for you and your family.

Halloween is the second most celebrated commercial holiday preceded only by Christmas. There are thousands of ideas for you to choose from when picking a theme or decorations for your home both inside and out. We have listed 7 traditional symbols that remind people of Halloween. Try picking a symbol and use it every year, mixed along with other decorations, and soon your children or grandchildren will start to use it too. With these symbols either bought or homemade you cannot go wrong. These are keepers that your kids can find and use with their children to keep the tradition going.

Jack O Lanterns

What would Halloween be without Jack O Lanterns? Carve them or paint them and sit them everywhere. Pumpkins also come in white, yellow and green. You don?t have to stick with the original orange pumpkin.


Place a candle inside your Jack O Lanterns to show off your carvings. Candles also add mood and soft lighting inside. If you are using candles be careful not to have them around costumes or combustible materials.

Spider Webs and Spiders

No we don?t mean just stop dusting in June. Buy fake spider webs or use cotton batting from a craft store. Purchase fake spiders and place them around your house both inside and out.

Ghosts, Black Cats and Bats

These are Halloween standbys. These shapes can be used as fun and playful with smaller children or be made horrifying for older teen and adults. Let your imagination run wild with these shapes as they scream Happy Halloween.

Sound Effects

CD?s or digital downloads of scary sounds or songs can be purchased. These sound effects help set the mood either for a Halloween party indoors or for trick or theaters as the hesitantly walk to your front door.

Scarecrows and Cornstalks

Scarecrows are amazing. Let smaller children help create them and watch as they quickly become one of their new best friends. On the other hand your imagination is the limitation of how scary they can become for older teens and adults.


Tombstones can be made of cardboard or cut out of plywood. Placed in the yard with names or sayings drawn or painted on them they turn any yard into a Halloween graveyard. Spooky or fun depending on what you put on them. Customize your tombstones for a new surprise every Halloween.

All seven of these Halloween symbols can be adapted to be used with children of all ages and adults too. A huge part of the fun is to change your symbol accordingly as your family grows. Begin this year with picking a symbol that you want to represent you and your Halloween decorating. Make sure you get plenty of pictures for those great memories. Trick or Treat!

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 Halloween Decorating Ideas: Create New Family Memories
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The Best Funny Halloween Costumes

Many people imagine Halloween to be scary ? and for the most part that is how it is celebrated. But why be just like everyone else this Halloween, stand out and be funny. There is a trend rapidly moving across America that is turning Halloween funny. The idea of turning into someone or something else for Halloween has not gone out the window just the idea that it needs to be scary. Halloween parties are often filled with children and young adults. Asking your guests to dress in non-scary costumes is a way that everyone, no matter what their age, will have a great time. There will be no worries of scaring the little ones (or maybe even some of the older ones ? you know who you are).

After much research we have found the following costumes to be a big hit among the non-scary categories this year.

Candy M and M?s

M and M?s have gone big this year. Especially with the talking M and M candy commercials that are such fun to watch. Each color has taken on a personality of their own. There are two distinct M and M costumes available. The first is a traditional M and M candy. It covers the entire body with your arms, legs and face poking out of the costume. The second is a tank dress for young women. This is modeled more after the sexy green M and M on the commercials -although it does come in red and yellow also.

Angry Birds

Of course these costumes are modeled after the popular video game Angry Birds. Just about everywhere you look you will see this popular costume. Whether you choose red or yellow you will be a hit with angry birds.

Gnomeo and Juliet

Gnomeo and Juliet made a splash this summer at the box office and those adorable garden gnomes are still hanging around. There are a variety of garden gnome costumes. This costume is fun because you can personalize it by adding your own colors, suspenders even fun gnome shaped hats. An entire family of gnomes is very funny.


If we mention the gnomes we have to mention the Smurfs. A close cousin to the Gnome is the Smurf costume. Of course this costume includes your body turning blue. Be safe and don't use anything toxic on your skin to turn blue here. Try blue face paint, blue pants or leggings and a blue long sleeved shirt and white gloves for your hands.

There are many more options for non-scary Halloween costumes. Look in your local stores or go on line to get ideas for your costume. Be creative and come up with a funny Halloween costume all on your own by re-watching some of your favorite movies and getting ideas from there. Some of the most fun characters might be from when you were a kid. How about a character from one of your favorite books or television show.

Remember this, the point about a non-scary Halloween is to have a great time and not worrying about you or your youngsters getting scared. If you have been invited to a non-scary Halloween party don?t show up in something scary ? after all, the host has a reason for stating non-scary on their invitation. You may be surprised how scary it gets for you if you show up and scare the other guests.

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 The Best Funny Halloween Costumes
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A Family Bonding Experience With These Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween crafts do not have to be hard to have fun. In fact, most children and adults complete crafts together to spend time with each other and make some lasting memories. So stop stressing about the perfect craft and simply pick one of these relaxing easy Halloween crafts and start making some special Halloween memories with your family tonight.

Halloween Mobile

This simple Halloween mobile is great. You can decide to make one quick by having each person decorate one object for the mobile as a family project or you can decide to have each person make their own mobile. It is up to you on how much time is spent on this project. Most of these supplies you will have already at home.


Paper print outs of Halloween objects such as bats, ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, even just scary eyes
String or clear fishing line
Choose a way to color the objects such as crayons, print them on colored paper, paint, markers, etc. Glow in the dark materials make this a lot of fun.
Hole Punch


Color the Halloween objects before you cut them out. The glow in the dark paint or markers works well here for the eyes or a mouth.
Use the Scissors to carefully cut out the Halloween objects.
Using a hole punch, punch a hole on the top of the cut out.
Cut string for each cut out. Varying the length of the string for each cut out.
Thread the string through the punched hole and through the middle of the hanger. Tie a knot in the string so that the Halloween object will hang from the bottom of the hanger.

Repeat with each Halloween object until your Halloween Mobile is complete.

Batty Little Pumpkins

This craft is extremely easy and even the older children enjoyed making these little bats.


Assorted small pumpkins
Cut out printed pattern of bat wings
Black craft foam
Paint or markers for eyes and teeth. Glow in the dark works great for an added dimension of scary.
Glue gun


Paint each small pumpkin entirely black and let dry
Trace bat wings from paper pattern onto the black foam and cut out using scissors
Attach the bat wings to the pumpkin using the hot glue gun
Paint or draw on eyes and teeth

Once they are dry place the pumpkins around your house or even on your porch. If you used the glow in the dark paint you will have fun watching others be spooked by these little bats.

Fancy Pumpkins

Halloween is not all about being scary. Many homes are celebrating Halloween by taking Halloween icons and making them fancy. This new twist on Halloween is showing up huge this year with the decoration of pumpkins. With this easy does it craft throw away the knives and get out the glue, hot glue that is.


Pumpkins or gourds
Hot glue gun
Any embellishment that fits into your fancy Halloween theme.


Pick your pumpkin and paint it your background color. The three most popular colors that stand out this year are gold, black and purple.
Once the base color is completely dry start adding embellishments. Paint on some contrasting colors with dots, stripes or squiggles. Add some bling with glitter, beads or sequins. Go ahead and add feathers for fun. Some of the most exquisite pumpkins have been one base color with glitter running down the sides of the pumpkin. This craft is so easy and so much fun that crafters are replacing it with the traditional carving of pumpkins.

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 A Family Bonding Experience With These Easy Halloween Crafts
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The Truth About Dress Up Halloween Games

Having trouble getting guests to agree to come to your Halloween party dressed in a costume? Then you are not alone, many guests are replying back that they are willing to attend Halloween parties but will not be attending in a costume. This is disturbing news to a Halloween party host because hosts need the party guests but a guest attending the Halloween party without a costume tends to ruin the atmosphere that the host worked so hard to achieve. If you are suffering from the dilemma of whether to allow guests to attend your Halloween party out of costume we have come up with a solution for you that will not only have all your guests in a costume but allow your guests to overcome some of their fears.

Through much research we have found that most party guests that are not willing to come to a party pre-dressed in a costume will put a costume on at the party if given the chance. Many times guests are afraid that they will be the only one dressed in a costume or that others will laugh at them and the costume choice that they made. You, as the party host, can take that fear away by having costumes ready for those guests through games at your party. These games will take many of the guest?s fears away because everyone will be dressing up before their eyes and everyone will know that they did not choose the costume themselves. If other guests laugh it will not be their fault, it will be yours.

So let?s play! The idea here is to have pieces of costumes that each guest will wear. How far in depth you go with the costumes you provide will be up to you and your budget. Start early with introducing a piece of the costume at the door. Have each guest reach into a bag and pull out part of a costume. If the costume piece is too large or does not work to have in a grab bag then have each guest draw a number and give them the costume piece that was stored. This is a nice ice breaker and will get people into the mood of wearing a costume before your first game begins.

At this point it is time to mingle and play a few games. Keep the games simple and have everybody win a prize at the end. The prize is a second piece of the costume. It is a good idea to start with little pieces of costume that are easy to wear, such as jewelry or hats, crowns, etc. Play as many games as you need throughout the party to have guests in a complete costume before the party is finished.

It is also fun to have guests make part of their own costume as a craft at the party. For example, if you were having a royalty party, each guest could decorate a crown or a sash to wear. Crowns can be easily found at party stores made out of plastic or paper. Sashes can be made by cutting silky material into strips or using paper such as streamers or even paper bags. If you have the time you can always make the costume pieces especially for each guest even putting a name on the sash or a special nickname. The more personal you make the costume, the more fun it becomes for each guest.

As far as games to play keep them simple and child like. Pin the face on the pumpkin, Monster Freeze, musical chairs (with scary music). The idea here is to keep it simple and about getting the next piece of the costume not so much about the game. Once the costumes are complete take out the cameras and get a few shots. There are some that will be shocked they had so much fun dressing up.

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 The Truth About Dress Up Halloween Games
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The Best Baby Halloween Costume Ideas For 2012

All baby costumes are awesome and one of the most over looked during Halloween especially if a family has older children and is focusing on their costumes. You can bring your little one along and have your older kids excited to show them off in these great popular baby Halloween costumes.

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkeys are very poplular this year - not only in prints and toys but also as Halloween costumes for babies. What a great way to make your little monkey fit right in for Halloween. These costumes have big monkey grins and are complete with a tail. The Sock Monkey is an absolutely great Halloween costume for baby boys or girls.

Baby Caterpillars

This theme seems to go along with the butterfly theme for young children this year. What a wonderful way to incorporate your costumes. Have the older child dress as a butterfly and the baby as a catepillar. These costumes are little brightly colored buntings to keep your baby warm. The buntings have ten caterpillar legs dangling from the sides and a pair of large caterpillar eyes that peek over the top of the hood. Zipper in the front adds to the ease of this baby Halloween costume.

Garden Gnomes

From the great block buster Gnome and Juliet this summer comes the garden gnome theme. This costume idea is wonderful and can be adapted to fit your Halloween theme this year. You can have a fancy formal Garden Gnome, a County Garden Gnome, a whimsical Garden Gnome or even a traditional Garden Gnome. Just as kids loved the movie this summer they will love their little siblings dressed as any variety of Garden Gnome.


Rock-a-bye baby in this elvis themed baby Halloween costume. Have the camera ready because this baby Halloween costume is going in the scrap book. As if the white jumpsuit with white cape attached (baby bunting style) and sporting a small stuffed guitar shaped rattle is not enought, the baby elvis wig is what makes this costume rock. These parents had a rockin good time showing off their little elvis.

Car Air Freshener

This is one of the Dad's favorites. Dress your baby is this fun litle bunting shaped like a pine tree air freshener and they will be warm and snug all night long. This favorite costume is easy just zip and go, there are no assessories needed. The zipper in the front also makes changing diapers a breeze.

Million Dollar Baby

This idea turns your baby into an accessory of your own Halloween Costume. Dress as a burglar in all black with a black stocking cap and gloves and tote your baby around as the money that you stole. This baby Halloween costume is made of polyster fleece and is light weight enough to keep on during an indoor Halloween party. This little jumper is designed to look like a bag of money complete with a cap to keep their heads warm. With this costume it is hard to tell if the burglar stole the money or if the money stole the burlars heart.

Have a great Halloween including your baby this year. Whether you choose the Sock Monkey, Garden Gnome, Elvis, Car Air Freshener or Million Dollar Baby your scrap book will be filled with memories. Happy Halloween.

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 The Best Baby Halloween Costume Ideas For 2012
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Halloween Party Food Ideas Gross

Hosting the perfect Halloween party can be very time consuming and expensive. Serving these top 5 fast and simple gross out Halloween party treats will not only save you time and money but when served properly will double as decorations.

Your Halloween party will be the talk of the neighborhood if you have the guts to serve these 5 simple to make gross out Halloween treats. Don?t let the disgusting look or texture of these dishes fool you because they taste scrumptious. Creep out your Halloween party guests by digging in and eating each and every goolingly delicious Halloween treat.

A huge part of these gross out Halloween treats is all in the presentation and labeling. Let these spooktacular treat ideas be a starting point of freaking out your Halloween party guests.


Make your favorite guacamole recipe. Add chunky salsa. Leave out any anti-browning agents including lemon or lime. You will be proud serving up this vomit. It looks rather sickening to place a carved pumpkin on a serving tray with the vomit trailing out of the pumpkins mouth into a heaping mess on the tray for your party guests to dip into. A quick vomit label completes this disgusting mess.


Buy a mixture of green, black and even purple grapes. Carefully peel each grape and feel the squishy eyeball texture. You will be squirming before the peeling is complete. Label a bowl of peeled grapes as zombie eyeballs and the ick factor is turned on. It is fun to serve the grapes in a Halloween themed bowl. A bowl with a motion sensor grabbing hand works awesome. Sit back and listen for the screams.

3. Intestines (guts)

Boil long spaghetti noodles as normal. Drain noodles and mix with enough olive oil or vegetable oil to make them slimy. Finally add chunky salsa and mix well. Pasta should be served warm. Absolutely engage your imagination on serving these slimy intestines. A fun way to serve intestines is the scarecrow method. Take a button up shirt and stuff the arms and around the neck (tissue or newspaper works well as stuffing). Place a serving bowl in the stomach area and place the shirt up around the bowl so that it looks as if you are serving out of the stomach. Stuff the rest of the shirt as needed. Place a doll?s head above the shoulders or go the headless route. Either way, many guests may get a queasy stomach while eating these intestines.

4.Dried Scabs

Buy dried cherries or dried cranberries - A mixture of both work best. Place these dried fruits in a Halloween theme serving bowl. The dark red colors and crunchy white soft texture really play with your guests mind. Be sure to label them clearly as scabs. You could even add to the gross factor by asking all guests to place any peeling or infected scabs in the collection dish. Eeeewwww!

5.Zits Filled with Puss

Take a pomegranate and remove the kernels into a bowl. Place the pomegranate kernels into a Halloween theme serving dish. The juicy red kernel with the white tip at the end definitely look like a zit just waiting to be popped once they are labeled. You can get very creative on how you serve up your zits. One party host glued the zits onto the face of a doll and sat it by the serving dish to make the visual more real. Who knew acne could taste so yummy and be healthy for you too.

Take these five fast and simple gross out Halloween party treats and make them your own. Come up with ways of serving them that will absolutely make your party unforgettable and the talk of the neighborhood for Halloweens to come. Trick or Treat!!

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 Halloween Party Food Ideas Gross
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Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A Time

Lots of Halloween party hosts are agonizing with the idea of adding games to their adult Halloween party. Planning a Halloween party for adults can be tricky. There is a fine line between an adult Halloween party and a boring Halloween party. But as many hosts are figuring out that line is hard to see. There are many games for adults that are intellectual and have their place for a weekly game night but this party is no game night it is a Halloween party. Get rid of those boring adult games for the night and add a few of these game favorites for adults. The line between boring and fun will be clear as day and your party will definitely be on the fun side.

Great Pumpkin Weighs?

Have a large pumpkin serve double duty as a decoration and a game. As guests arrive at the party have them write down their guess of the pumpkins weight and their name. Collect the guesses in a Halloween themed box or bowl. The winner is the guest that is the closest to the pumpkins weight.

Pumpkin Golf

Carve a pumpkin with an extra large mouth. Give each guest three chances to putt a golf ball into the pumpkins mouth. Each ball that enters the pumpkin?s mouth earns the golfer a special piece of candy or treat.

Guess Who or What

This is a great ice breaker. Before the party make name tags with names of monsters or other Halloween related things. As guests arrive have them draw a name tag and place it on their back. The idea of this game is to get guests mingling. Each guest will ask others questions about who or what they are. Once a guest has figured out who or what they are they win a prize of a special drink or a treat.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This is an old one but with cell phone cameras we have added a new twist. Have guests divide into teams. Set the boundaries for where teams are allowed to go. Boundaries can be inside the party venue, around your block, the mall, a park, you decide. Give each team a copy of the same scavenger list that you created and copied before the party. If guests have a cell phone with capability of picture and video don?t just have them bring items back but get pictures and video of scenarios being played out - for example; a male guest trying on a pair of high heels and walking around in a store. Once guests return it is pure entertainment to look at pictures and watch the video to find a winner.

Pop the Balloon

Divide your guests into two groups. Have one team tie a balloon around their waist hanging as a tail or around their ankle depending on their costume. When you start playing fun/scary Halloween music the team without the balloons will try and pop the balloons on the other team using only their bodies and costumes. When the music stops count how many balloons are left and award those points to the team that wore the balloons. Now teams switch roles. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. You decide how many times to repeat by the interest of your guests.

Your Adult Halloween party will be a scream when you add these games. Try one or all five. Happy Halloween.

Click here to find the perfect costume Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A TimeGothic & Vampire Costumes  Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A TimeHalloween Props and Decorations Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A TimeAccessories and Makeup
 Adult Halloween Games: Have A Scream Of A Time
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