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 Find Halloween Costumes

The best choice of costumes available at discount prices. You will find Halloween costumes for kids, infants, tweens, teenagers and adults. In fact you'll even find Halloweeen costumes for your pets! 

There are traditional costumes of witches, ghosts and ghoulies. There is a wonderful selection of movie costumes. Film characters like Harry Potter, Disney characters and Spider-man. You can become a superhero like Superman, Captain America, Iron Man and Batman or a super-villain as the Joker.

Sci-fi fans will love the choice of characters from Star Trek from the classic series or the latest movie. Star Wars fans will find Darth Vader, Bobba Fett, Princes Leia, Chewbacca and many more favorites.

There's plenty of horror and gothic costumes to get scared about and sexy costumes too!

So bring out the Halloween in you and search for that perfect Halloween costume this year.

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 Find Halloween Costumes
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JJ Abrams Movie Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Star Trek Halloween costumes will provide a universe of fun for all the family this Halloween. A sci-fi franchise with

Star Trek Male Blue Shirt 300x300 JJ Abrams Movie Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Star Trek Blue Deluxe Adult Plus Costume

multiple series, numerous films and now, after the 2009 film, even different parallel universes; Star Trek will always be a popular choice at Halloween due to its versatility and easily recognizable style. Whether you’re a Trekkie wanting a costume for conventions as well as Halloween, or you just want a simple and enjoyable theme that is easy to translate into a group costume for friends, you can’t beat these Star Trek Halloween Costumes.

Dressing Up the Crew

Star Trek is the perfect franchise for group dressing. If you choose to follow the recent film, you have the options of costumes for all levels of crewmembers, as well as alien makeup (we all remember the striking green girl and the Vulcans) as well as the grungier look of the dastardly Romulans. So, team up with your friends and try to assemble a crew!

Starfleet has many crew options:
- Redshirts: Reserved for perhaps your most clumsy or least favorite friends, the redshirts have a cult following for their tendency to draw peril wherever they go and end up meeting a swift and often violent end. This was paid homage to in the film’s parachute jump. So the choice of a red shirt is perfect for those who like a sense of humor along with their Star Trek costumes. However, a few thankful exceptions to prove the redshirt rule are Nyota Uhura, in her ever-sexy red tunic, or Scotty in his engineering tunic.
- Medical and Science Officers: Perfect for brainy or nerdier friends, the Blueshirts are the cerebral power to any crew. Make sure to accessories with appropriately science equipment such as scanners as in the original series. The famous Spock hails as a science officer, and is a perfect choice for any Vulcan fan who can perfect the ‘live long and prosper’ sign. Or there is the choice of the cantankerously lovable character of Bones, the ship’s chief medical officer.
- Command and Helm: For the active go-getters or engine-heads of your group, the Yellowshirts are the people in charge of flying the enterprise and giving orders. The legendary Captain Kirk was the captain, sporting his gold tunic when he finally takes official command at the end of the film, but there are also the options of the adorable prodigy Pavel Chekov, or the brave (if inexperienced) Hikaru Sulu as pilot.
The official movie Star Trek costumes benefit from emulating the sleek design and quality of the updated suits of the film, and come with the important Starfleet badge. As an individual or a group you’re sure to make an impact this Halloween!

Other Options

Other possible options include dressing up as the villains as the film: the mining Romulans. Complete with mourning head tattoos and striking long coat, this less conventional option is sure to turn heads.

Or, for Trekkies who prefer to stick to the old school, there are a whole number of original series costumes for you to choose from, including sexy female options, and even Klingons! For fans of The Next Generation, there are also the infamous jumpsuits available, well known for causing the actors spinal problems in their design. Thankfully, these costumes are much more beneficial for your health, and look sleek and authentic, also complete with a pin.

So, boldly go where no-one has gone before this October, and pick Star Trek Halloween Costumes.

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 JJ Abrams Movie Star Trek Halloween Costumes
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