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Five Great Family Halloween Movies

There are countless films out there that would make perfect Halloween entertainment for you and your friends at a Halloween party, but what should you choose from all of those titles for a family Halloween party? Here are five suggestions for a fun Halloween party that all the family can enjoy.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The classic animated feature film from the dream team of Tim Burton and Henry Selick is a work of genius that has become a cult phenomenon with fans young and old. With just the right amount of fun and scares, it is a musical delight and one of the most memorable animated films of all time. Jack Skellington, Sally and all of the other characters will enchant you and your family over and over again.


From Henry Selick, the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, comes this fantastic adaptation of Neil Gaiman's famous children's novel. Following the young heroine Coraline Jones as she discovers the delights and horrors of an alternate dimension where everyday things can become terrifying, this is a perfect family Halloween movie, but may be a little scary for smaller children (and some adults!)

James And The Giant Peach

Henry Selick also directed this animated masterpiece, which was adapted from a book by the legendary Roald Dahl. While not particularly Halloween themed, the eerie visuals and the magical storytelling and characterization make it ideal for the family to enjoy together. Family Halloween movies don't all have to be about spooks!

Corpse Bride

Tim Burton and Mike Johnson brought the world this dark and twisted fairy tale which enchanted fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Much darker and more creepy than that previous film, this one follows a young man named Victor as he accidentally falls into the nether world and is courted by a dead bride who wants his hand in marriage! Stylish and fun, this would make great Halloween a great family Halloween movie.

Harry Potter movies

The Harry Potter films, adapted from the mega-selling novels by JK Rowling, are a big favourrite with kids the whole year round, but they also give the whole family something to enjoy. For the perfect Halloween experience with the Harry Potter films, try out the third film, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, or the fourth film, Harry Potter And The Goblet If Fire, for excitement and laughs that will really make the Halloween fun go well.

These are just five of the great family Halloween movies that are out there to enjoy. We hope these tips help you have the best Halloween yet!

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 Five Great Family Halloween Movies
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Great Halloween Costumes For Couples

Are you heading to a Halloween party this year with your significant other? haven't decided on your costumes yet? Fear not. Have you considered going along in costumes that complement each other? Great Halloween costumes for couples are available at all good Halloween retailers, and if you can;t find the ones you;re after, you could always make your own!

The first idea for great Halloween costumes for couples would be, naturally, vampires. A couple would make a superb impact on arriving at a Halloween party both dressed as sexy vampires. I'm not talking about Buffy and Twilight style vampires- I'm talking about full on Dracula style vamps of the old-school variety. These iconic creatures of the night are perfect Halloween characters to dress up as. There are great male and female vampire costumes available, including the outfit, fangs and makeup, or you can use dark, sexy clothes and add an easily made cape. The fangs and pale, deathly makeup are an essential though.

Another idea for great Halloween costumes for couples would be looking to favourite spooky movies for inspiration. Think about it. There are some iconic pairings in horror films and thrillers that would make superb Halloween costumes. How about Herman and Lily Munster? The Addams family? Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas? Victor and the Corpse Bride from Tim Burton's other masterpiece, Corpse Bride?

One of you could go as Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies or Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street or even Micheal Myers from the Halloween series. Then, your partner could go as a victim of those characters, with tell-tale 'wounds' applied and torn clothing, all of which can be achieved cheaply with second hand clothes and stage blood along with a little makeup latex.

The important thing to think about when considering great Halloween costumes for couples is that the two of you should have as much fun as possible. remember, you could also go in other themed outfits such as Navy uniforms, Military uniforms and any number of other ideas. Have a blast!

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